White Rice & White Potatoes Always Better Than Brown Rice

Drop your brown rice and add white rice and white potatoes instead.

Whats the number one thing ever single women in the universe fears more than gaining weight?

Give up?


Wanna guess what brown rice causes that white rice doesn’t?

If you guessed bloating then you win a five pound jumbo sized bag of jasmine rice!

Heather put an abrupt halt to her bloating while dropping 8" from her waist
 and 30 lbs of body fat by following her customized eating program.

White Rice Doesn't Cause Digestive Problems

I can't tell you how many female clients I've worked with who suffer from

IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), ulcerative colitis and a herd or food allergies.

White rice isn't the culprit of gastrointestinal issues, food allergies and especially bloating

that commonly piggy-back grains collectively.


This is a god-send for folks who struggle with a bevy of digestive problems.

Brown Rice Prevents Mineral Absorption

The problem with brown rice is that it contains phytic acid.

Phytic acid is found abundantly in plant seeds and the bran of grain, that is the principal storage form of phosphorus in plants.

When ingested it interferes with the intestinal absorption of iron, zinc and calcium, and may promote mineral deficiencies.

White Potatoes and White Rice Ade in Weight Loss

.White rice is an optimal source of carbs for fat loss junkies and in addition to being void of digestive problems and bloating is also is rich in magnesium, phosphorus, manganese, selenium, iron, folic acid,thiamine and niacin.

Wanna take a stab at what the most popular veggie in America is?


If you just took a bite of a mouthful of a baked potato than you're on your way to some smooth sailing on your weight loss voyage.

Not so fast! No one can ever lose weight on white potatoes and white rice since they're way too high in starchy carbs!

They're definitely a starchy carb source but in case you haven't gotten the memo, starch isn't bad.  It's actually a complex carb which means it's a slow burning or slow digesting carbohydrate which supports balanced blood sugar levels and in turn supports sustainable weight loss.

Have your white spuds to replace your bread, pastries, pasta or tortilla wraps.

In addition to being low calorie clean food, white potatoes also rank atop the satiety index.

The satiety index refers to the ability of how long and how full a food keeps your belly when you gobble it up.

And your 3.3 oz spud ranks numero uno.

You get a low calorie food that keeps you full longer than any other food in your pantry that's also packed full of of vitamin B6, more potassium than a banana copper, vitamin C, manganese, phosphorus, niacin, dietary fiber and pantothenic acid.

Jennifer hit a plateau with her weight loss for over a year but after 
3 months on her OMEP program her cravings were crushed and her metabolism
boosted through the roof!

And that's why anyone who wants on-going fat loss, crushed cravings & solid energy levels needs to be packing white rice and white potatoes in their lunch box from now on.



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