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5 Weird Reasons Your Weight Loss Has Stalled - Wet Wolf Training

5 Weird Reasons Your Weight Loss Has Stalled

Your Weight Loss Has Stalled For 5 Reasons

Almost every day on my Face Book Live Stream someone will use the excuse that just because they dropped 30, 50 or 100 pounds they must be on the road to weight loss glory despite the fact that the scale hasn’t budged in months even though they’re still over weight.

This leads us to the most profound hindrance in hitting a fat loss road block.

The last twenty pounds is a lot more difficult to lose than the first twenty.

When you first set out to burn body fat and lose inches you can pretty much just do anything and still make progress.

Until your body catches on and your fat loss comes to a screeching halt.

As soon as your body senses fat loss it immediately flicks on it’s survival defense mechanism by slowing down your metabolism to a snails pace which in turns brings your weight loss progress to a dead stop.

One thing the human body desperately needs for survival is body fat. And it will fight tooth and nail to cling to it.

And that’s why…

It’s easier to lose the first fifty pounds than the last fifteen.

And you know what? The last fifteen is going to be hell to lose because you used incorrect methods to lose the first 25 or 50.

But I’m not obese!

Maybe not but this still holds true.

The more weight you lose, the more difficult it becomes to lose weight.

The human body is a very adaptive organism and it will do anything possible to hold on to your natural body fat set-point for survival purposes.

And many folks have a very high set-point.

If you don’t have the right plan of attack to counter act your body’s tricky metabolism then don’t be surprised when your metabolic rate dwindles to a snails pace.

You’re in the gym five or more days a week and still can’t make progress.

If you’re in the gym five or more days a week and still can’t make any progress then your diet isn’t the only problem.


Ever heard the old saying…

You can’t out run a bad diet.


The opposite is true as well.

You can’t out run a bad diet.

but ...

You can out run a good one.

Your body’s going to adapt and the stimulus from exercise isn’t going to result in fat loss like it did months or even weeks ago.

In fact all your heart pounding cardio is going to make your body more resistant to burning body fat.

Not so fast! Exercise is excellent for the heart and mind!

You know what, you’re right.

But too much of a good thing, isn’t always a good thing.

And when you over do exercise eventually it catches up with you.

All-or-nothing exercise fanatics never last in the diet game ,

And the reason they can’t sustain is because they lack balance.

I’ve also been very consistent that your best progress should always come when you’re injured and can’t workout because it forces you to put all your focus on nutrition and you aren’t distracted by frivolous workouts and gym visits.

Further more when your exercise output exceeds the boundaries of your eating intake then your blood sugar plummets, your metabolism slows down, you get severe cravings & hunger which leads to binge eating and yo-yo dieting by gaining more weight back than where you started.

weightgainreboundWash rinse repeat and the vicious cycle continues.

You’re drinking whey shakes & eating protein bars.

I’ve seen wanna be quasi-fit fitness minded woman really go out of their way to pick up a protein bar or mix a whey shake which actually does more harm than good.

You’d be much better off eating an apple or even a cup of black beans or lentils.

Wanna guess what’s the numero uno question I get when the topic of fat loss pops up?

What brand of protein powder do you use?

As far as fat loss & nutrition goes this represents the apex of a misled mindset.

You really think the actual brand of the protein powder you consume will make any sort of difference in your muscle building & fat loss success?

Sure some supplements can have a synergistic affect on your overall success which I’ve covered before in another article but 95% of your fat loss & muscle building success will hinge on the food you eat, water you drink and a little bit of exercise.

You’re taking stimulants, coffee cups, fat burner pills and energy drinks.

If you’re too tired to make it to work with out a cup of coffee then your diet is a train wreck.

weightlossstalledIf you can’t make it to the gym with out an energy drink I’m willing to bet your body fat won’t budge and inch either even though you’re going six days a week.

Fat loss pills, pre-workout formulas and energy drinks aren’t meant for obese or even over weight people and they’re not meant to carry you through your workout, let alone get you out of bed and out the door to work.

Yet they’re used by all these folks as maintenance for every day function. When you’re unable to even stumble into work without your Starbucks then that’s a blazing red flag that you aren’t eating balanced nutrition.

If you can’t avoid your afternoon siesta with out your energy drink then you need to go to bed earlier.

The password is sleep and healthy food.

Get more of both and you won’t rely on stimulants for daily function.

You’re not following the right nutritional program.

You’re not following the right customized diet.

Bu bu but I do eat healthy!

Just because you’re eating healthy doesn’t mean you’re eating the right foods for you.

Having a nutrition program that’s been designed specifically for your age, height, weight, gender, somatotype, food preferences, goals, current diet, past and present workout routine and about a dozen other factors is not something you’re going to find in a magazine or on TV.

If you don’t have it you’re going to play the yo-yo diet game and flounder around the rest of your life.

How do I know if I’m following the right program?

You know you’re on the right path when the above reasons describe your scenario.

When you have balanced energy levels 95% of the time

When you’re hungry less than thirty minutes a day.

When you have very low cravings.

And most importantly when you can gauge tangible progress monthly.


Amanda was eating protein bars, drinking whey shakes, in the gym 5 days a week and couldn't 
lose any body fat until she followed her OMEP program customized specifically for her.
Once she started eating the right food she dropped inches each month.

When your waist is dropping monthly.

When the scale is dropping monthly.

Wait! I know I’m on the right program because I’m eating chicken breast, greens, cottage cheese..

Eating healthy foods doesn’t mean your on the right program.

Eating randomly healthy foods doesn’t mean you’re eating healthy.

Your eating has to be designed specifically for you.

Not your hubby, your kid, your bff or your mom.

The right nutritional program has to be customized exactly for you.

It must be based off your gender, age, height, weight, food preferences, activity level and about a dozen other variables.

So if it’s not then that’s a blazing reason your progress has stalled.

Five reasons your weight loss has stalled; broken down, dissected and explained.

Now you know.

Leave a comment below if some of these reasons hit a little close to home.

 Watch the Youtube video below.




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