3 Reasons Weight Loss Is More Difficult Each Day You Get Older

Every Day You Get Older Weight Loss Becomes More Difficult

This is the biggest reason why the same diet program that worked so well for you in the past won’t work at all now.

So what gives??

Did you know that every day that you get older your metabolism slows down?

Especially after age thirty.

And after forty it basically comes to a screeching halt.

Wait! I thought you said you can speed up your metabolism?

There are ways you can boost your metabolism if your eating, weight training, cardio, sleep and supplements are all aligned with your age, height, weight, somatotype, gender, goals, health issues, medications, current diet, past diet, exercise program and food preferences.


Take Bonnie for example pictured above. She is a sixty year old granny with type II diabetes 
and fibromyalgia. She was also a chronic yo-yo dieter who continued to gain weight with each
passing year despite taking fad diets and weight loss pills potions and powders. 
It wasn't until Bonnie finally followed her customized OMEP that she was able to speed up 
her stagnant metabolism and drop an extraordinary foot off her waist!

But following your OMEP aside,  your metabolism is going to decrease day by day.

Hormones fluctuate with age.

Every day you get older your hormonal profile becomes more skewed.

Your estrogen levels rise, your progesterone levels lower and your testosterone dips.

Estrogen is the female sex hormone and women who are predisposed to higher estrogen levels are going to naturally have higher body fat levels.

Now here’s the bad news.

Your estrogen levels increase with age.

I’ll give you one guess as to how you can keep rising estrogen levels at bay.

If you guessed “your diet” then you win a nutella covered muffin with powered sugar on top.

Another hormonal no-no is rising cortisol levels.

Ever noticed the jiggle under the tricep area of someone’s arm when they wave?

That’s someone who’s been bombarded with skyrocketing estrogen levels with a mix of cortisol. Most likely this person also has some type of health ailment, disease or medication.

That’s why it’s so vital that you get your diet precisely customized for your personal situation before your hormones ever get to this chaotic state because the further you drift into this territory the more challenging it is to turn your tidal wave of hormones.

Insulin sensitivity decreases

In case you didn’t know, your insulin sensitivity refers to your body’s ability to dispose of glucose in the blood stream into muscle or liver cells. When this decreases you’re much more likely to have all the sugars from your yogurt cup and breakfast muffin to be shuttled into your hips and thighs.

Every day after 30.

And even worse after 40.

I’ve got some heartbreaking news for you.

Weight loss doesn’t get easier as you get older it becomes extraordinarily more difficult with each passing day.

Until it becomes quite the looming adversary.

Now throw in the five reasons your diet has stalled and you’re literally walking the proverbial plank to shark infested waters and you’re going to get eaten alive.

I say this not to terrify you but to inform you of what you’re really up against.

If you think you can take a whey shake and do a spinning class three days a week then you’re a goner.

Why do you think you see so many over weight women in the gym five or more days a week?

Because all three of these culprits have grown into full affect. Along with breaking some if not all of these five reasons I discussed in my previous article.

If I just shattered your world comment below and tell me if this hits a little too close to home.

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