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Simple Trick to Stop Binge Eating - Wet Wolf Training

Simple Trick to Stop Binge Eating

If there’s one common denominator among all binge eaters it’s this.

No one binges in the morning.

They always binge at night.

I’ll tell you why.

Because they don’t eat enough over the course of the day.

Plus most people who struggle with binge eating are also into fitness.

So when you under eat and then create an even bigger energy deficit with a workout; by the time the end of the day rolls around your blood sugar levels are so low you’re ready to rip and snort through the nearest bakery.

I had a young girl email me last week with a plea for guidance.

She’d been battling binge eating for as long as she could remember.

I do cardio at least twice a week.

I normally have a fruit smoothie for breakfast with a cup of coffee. Then lunch I usually have  a grilled chicken salad, or chicken and a vegetable. And maybe some crackers yogurt and a fruit jello. And dinner sometimes I don’t eat which is a mistake or I’ll have pizza or soup or something fast and easy. And then I normally will be hungry and then snack on stuff and that’s when I notice i binge eat junk food. And eat everything and anything I can.

She’s 5’10 & 140 and First thing I notice is that this girl isn’t eating enough to keep a sparrow alive.

This is a typical example of someone who has a striking fear of food.

That fruit smoothie is only setting the stage for a jail break binge when evening rolls around.

The coffee provides enough of a caffeine rush to trick her brain into thinking she’s actually getting enough food.The chicken and veggies are woefully lacking enough kcals to provide any satiety or raise her

blood sugar enough to sustain her baseline maintenance levels.

No, you shouldn’t count kcals but the point is that by adding a healthy fat source of 1 table sp avocado oil or

1 table sp coconut oil she could get more energy & greater satiety from that meal.
The top 3 foods present in the diets of all binge eaters are crackers, yogurts cups & jello.

All are processed & refined garbage and best of all, minuscule amounts of calories!

This is ideal for the chronic binge eater since in addition to possessing a frightening fear of food,

they’re also allergic to packing they’re meals.

Skipping dinner comes as no a surprise since food is clearly the enemy.

This is how most binge eaters view food.
This is how you should view food.

After she gobbles up her last meal of the day.

A couple hours pass.

But then something unexpected happens.

She uncontrollably stuffs her face with garbage.

Each mouthful containing more calories than her first 2 meals combined.

And so continues the life of a chronic binge eater.

One simple step could bring this to a screeching halt.

Eat more food and eat it early in the day.

In fact you should be eating 60% of your kcals either by noon or during your first two meals.

This will prevent the plummet in blood sugar levels and it will also speed up your metabolism,

allowing you to eat more food over the course of the entire day.Use this strategy correctly and you can kiss your binge eating good bye!

Before & After


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