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3 Reasons You're Eating Too Much Protein - Wet Wolf Training

3 Reasons You’re Eating Too Much Protein

If there’s one thing fitness fanatics and chronic dieters are overzealous about it’s protein.

Protein’s popularity is at an all time high.

Heck, you’d think protein could cure cancer, melt belly fat off before your eyes and even get the IRS off your back.

You have a world wide for fervor for protein.

I’ll give you one guess as to what happened next.


Of the thousands of folks who’ve signed up for a customized eating program from me, the one constant theme among all of them before they got on board, was an over abundance of protein.

Unfortunately, all that protein is the reason you can’t get the scale to drop.

So here’s three reasons so many folks have a love affair with protein.

Media & supplement companies pushing protein down your throat.

Any time the news, a talk show or even the fitness rag at the check-out lane in the grocery store offers up diet tips and weight loss advice, you can rest assured that “eat more protein” is one of them.

So people did just that.

Protein became sexy.

Protein makes you hot, fit and lean, right?

Not exactly.

You can also thank the multi-billion dollar supplement company for the obscene spike in protein consumption from wanna-be-buff ladies & gents all across the globe.

⇑Christine (pictured above)⇑ dropped down her protein intake and loaded up on healthy fats & carbs and she lost 2" off her waist in one month.

When ever I perform a Periscope broadcast the first question I get asked almost every single time is the obligatory...

What protein powder should I use?

By asking this question proves to me that you're focused on the wrong things.

Never focus on a pill, potion or powder.

Always focus on Healthy Food.

People tend to think a jug of protein powder is the holy grail.

After all they're just one scoop of whey, away from the body of their dreams.

So they keep searching high & low for that elusive brand of protein powder that will build them mounds of prime muscle and melt off all that stubborn body fat; that ironically the over excess of protein is preventing them from burning.

Look, I'm not saying a small-moderate amount of protein powder can be strategically mixed with the right foods. But it won't do you a bit of good if the rest of your meal aren't in place.

The is the only protein powder I use for myself and I recommend to my clients since 2003

The zeal for extra protein grams doesn't stop at protein shakes either; it extends its self all the way to your plate.

Over-sized portions of protein sources.

If frustrated chronic dieters love protein they have a frightening fear of carbs.

So they cut their carb portions down to miniature amounts and heap a hefty helping of chicken, fish or beef to off-set the scarcity of carbs.

This results in double and sometimes triple the adequate protein serving necessary.

I've yet to find a single female on planet earth that can't successfully burn body fat eating 3oz (weighed pre-cooked) of a protein source as long as their carbs & fat sources are up to par.

For guys the number is 5 - 6oz of pre-cooked protein.

Drop your protein down a couple notches and watch your belt do the same.


Before & After


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