The Fat Loss Trick

We’ve all been at the magic show where the annoying little kid hollers out “I know how you did it!” every time the magician performs a trick.  Does it really matter that you know? The world is jam packed with of books and DVD’s on how to do the trick. If it’s so easy to do the trick why do so few people do it?  Because; it has nothing to do with knowing how to do the trick and everything with the art of doing it.

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Understanding the trick is only the beginning.

Understanding the Fat Loss Trick

Same thing applies to the fat loss trick. Almost every time a new client burns through their first five pounds of fat on my customized Oscillating Macronutrient Eating Pattern some pip-squeak chirps out “It’s easy to lose fat, just eat healthy!”  The internet, magazine ads, television, bookstores and billboards are plastered with diet ads, nutrition & fat loss articles and stuffed with infomercials enough to make your head spin.

If it’s so easy to figure out how to lose fat then why do so few people figure out how to do it?


I can do it on my own!

You should absolutely never under any circumstances ever try to construct your own diet. Heck even when I wrote my infamous Food Addictions article and gave clear details on how many meals a day to eat, what foods to select from and the portion size of each meal, people still couldn’t get it right. Even more frustrating is when I design a customized eating pattern for someone and list exactly what to eat, what order to eat it in, the amount to eat and the young chicken still can’t get it right.

I’m not sure if some people are dyslexic or just simply have a mental block on following instructions but it happens; so much in fact it’s scary.

You’re a jerk! That’s so very judgmental of you to say! How do you know what other people are eating!?

I’ve had over 300 of my online clients from all around the globe and all walks of life. When they list on their evaluation what they are currently eating not once has it even been in the ballpark of effectiveness.

Why don’t people know how, what or the right amount to eat? It’s an absolute clueless mess. I mean people just can’t get it right.

Come to think of it I’ve never once in my life seen a highly effective, nutrient packed, well designed, optimal fat loss diet by anyone! Not on the internet, not in a magazine, not even by some clandestine guru fitness expert.

Either way that’s the intriguing question I asked myself. After years of experience and hundreds of evaluations and countless questions that would make your brain numb I have tallied up a list of reasons that will add some insight to the madness.

Have you ever heard the following advice from someone?

“There is plenty of information online out there on healthy nutrition read up and decide for yourself what to eat!”

Really?  I’ve yet to find any.


“C’mon, everybody knows how to eat healthy, just use common sense.”

No, actually I’ve never met a client or otherwise who actually knew how to eat smart and healthy and in case you haven’t noticed, most people lack common sense.

First of all if you ever hear someone make the above excuses you should plug your sausage fingers in both your ears start singing your favorite top 40 tune to drown out their voice!

Let me tell you, I have heard them all and they are all dead wrong. If you believe statements like that then chances are you’ve been hoodwinked by the hodgepodge of flotsam and jetsam circulating in the “diet industry”.

The reason you should never attempt to design your own diet program is quite simple.

You are not equipped to make your own decisions when it comes to eating.

Did I just shock you? Good! That’s the point. Now for the really scary part; it’s true.

I can hear the obligatory comebacks now, “You’re dead wrong! How dare you tell me I don’t know what I’m supposed to eat!”

Let me explain. When you were in grammar school did you get to choose how long you played steal the bacon at recess? What about when you went to the dentist? How about when it was bedtime? No you didn’t get to decide that either. A parent or a teacher took the liberty of making those decisions for you.

Why? Simple, because at that young age you simply weren’t equipped to make such a decision. Well unlike going to the dentist or coming in from recess; choosing what foods to eat is something you will never be ready for. No amount of schooling or maturity can equip you for the task of actually assigning yourself an effective eating pattern.

Why not? Why can’t I be equipped?

Several reasons; First of all you simply don’t have the aptitude. When it comes to aptitude you either have it or you don’t. You can’t learn it. You have to be born with it. Yes you can refine your ability to make prudent decisions and with real world experience you can hopefully develop more discernment in decision making. However people with a God given high aptitude are born not made.

The next reason is lack of success with yourself and with others. Have you consistently maintained a lean athletic physique year round without looking like Mrs.Clause each Christmas?

No, getting very lean for a few days a year for a figure show doesn’t count. Do you embody the aesthetic ideal of what other woman or men aspire to?

When people see you do you look like a fitness or nutrition expert? Below is a photo of an esteemed panel of graduate level exercise science students at a renowned academic institution. The next crop of fitness gurus; obviously ready to share their plethora of wisdom with the world;

Only one problem, would you know they were fitness experts if I hadn’t told you?

Perhaps the more appropriate question is; are they really fitness experts after all?

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Future Fitness Experts or International Thespian Society?

Can you tell the difference?

If you work in the fitness industry as a figure or fitness competitor or bodybuilder chances are you are the worst of all but it may not be your fault.  They are the biggest bunch of screwed up people yet miraculously somehow they have convinced themselves (and unfortunately others) they are the biggest experts of all.

I know a girl who finished top five in the last two fitness Olympia’s. She reported to the Olympia in her leanest and best condition ever which led to her highest placing ever. I asked her what she did different to achieve those results. Her reply “I did five hours a day of some type of activity, might have been plyos, stair-master or routine drills,”

No, that’s not a misprint, and no you don’t need glasses. This little sprite was putting in triathlon like training hours- not to run the iron man triathlon but rather just to get lean for a fitness competition.

Anyway once she told me this I immediately told her that her diet must absolutely suck. Hell if you have to do five hours of aerobic and anaerobic training per day your eating must me an absolute train wreck! Quiet as a church mouse she just stared at me dumb founded with her beady little eyes big as quarters while the reality of what I told her actually began to sink in.

The sure sign that someone will fail on a program with me is when they ask this question. It shows a lack of self confidence, a pensive attitude and a gross incompetence of reading skills.

The absolute worst question someone could ever ask me is ironically a question that every single non client and some former returning clients love to ask. It is a question that screams “I’m not serious about signing up.” “I’m too lazy follow directions.” and “Please pay attention to me!”

Yeah ok, so what’s the question?

What program should I sign up for?”

You see the even bigger issue behind this worthless question is the mindset of the slouch who asked it. Besides the fact that you somehow failed to read each detailed description of each program and you somehow also failed to read where I already answered this question; it still represents a bigger problem.

Listen very carefully winkerbean, it isn’t about choosing a program, my programs will deliver highly effective results regardless of your choice, the issue in question is  about your ability to execute the program.

It’s not about me or my programs, it’s about you! Kapish?

Here is a glaring example of a former client who had shamefully dragged herself back like the prodigal son, or in her case, daughter. After squandering all of her progress she still wasn’t even equipped to pull the trigger and get started on the road to recovery.

Her first error was the subject line of her email:

 “Coming back! Do you still want me???”

The question isn’t whether or not I want you back, the far bigger question is do you want to come back? Did you learn from the error of your ways? Are you finally committed to making a change? Sorry sugar plum but it’s not about me it’s about you!

I knew immediately she was a goner but decided to entertain myself.

              “ I’m wanting to get started again.  My travel is pretty much over for the year and for awhile, actually.  Things have been crazy since going to China and coming back and I’ve not had the opportunity to take care of myself while on travel.  I was just on your forum and I read a post about the bikini body plan.  I’m interested in that?  But I’m not sure which would be better for me?  I definitely would like to have more of a bikini body with some definition, but I don’t have any plans to enter any figure competitions, if that makes sense.”             

You can renew the OMEP.

The Bikini Figure Program is set to be released some point in Jan.

“Okay, cool.  Can we consider this a renewal, or do I have to pay the extra $100 again?  And also, should I wait until January to start the bikini program?  LMK “

I already told you to renew. And what do you mean “should” you wait until Jan to start the BFP? You don’t have a choice. It hasn’t even been released yet.

  “That sounds good.  But I do want to know more about the program before I sign up.  What should I expect from it?  And what makes it different from the   OMEP?  I know that the main difference is that I’m not goin to add as much mass.  But that’s all I know.”

BFP a training program.

OMEP is an eating pattern

“Hmm…. Well, okay.  So with BFP I will get a training program that will also include a daily menu?  (sorry, I’m a little slow with this one)”


In case you haven’t figured it out by now I’m not dealing with the sharpest tool in the shed. It was time to release the guillotine on this conversation.

The saddest thing of all isn’t that this person couldn’t understand, it’s that they didn’t want to.

Yet another fatal error was made in her last sentence. If this butterball was a feline and fried chicken fingers dipped in sweet ’n’ sour sauce was a car she would have used up her 9 lives about 97 times ago; this year.

Why in all God’s green earth would possess someone to refer to my OMEP as a menu? I could understand if you called it a diet program, as technically albeit a very broad description it is a diet program, but a menu?

Listen very carefully tater tot, a menu is where you place your order at a McDonalds drive through. A menu is what they have at the Waffle House or Applebee’s. A menu is where you get to choose any type of food you want from an entire spread of food, usually unapproved foods and where each garbage item has a price next to it.

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This is what you won’t be getting from me.


The fact that a “menu” is weighing on your mind so heavily is a huge problem in and of its self. Do you dream every night about staring at the menu at Denney’s? How about Baskin Robbins? Well whatever the reason, it’s not a good situation at all.

And her final nail in the coffin was her absolute inability to read what I wrote in each email.

Sorry cupcake but you’re a confused, foppish mess on a sugar high.

The only way I can make light of such a situation is because of my aptitude compounded with years of experience. It makes it very difficult for a client to throw an excuse at me, especially since I’ve seen and heard every possible excuse in the book before and understand the rationalization behind each excuse. I know the client better then they know themselves.

So now you know why you will never be able to understand the fat loss trick and don’t waste your time trying to “figure it out”.

Instead follow someone who performs the trick every single day.


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