How to Stop Yo Yo Dieting Forever!

Does Your Diet Yo Yo?

I had a facebook Live stream last Sunday, December the 4th.

I asked a dangerous question and the viewers answers did not disappoint.

What are your weight loss & leanness goals you hope to achieve by January 1, 2017?

Then I received a brutally shocking response.


What’s so shocking about her response you ask?

Did you catch the date I asked the question?

December 4th.

So let’s perform some basic math.

There are 31 one days in December.

Subtract four days and you get…

Twenty seven days to lose fifteen pounds.

While eating healthy.

Let that sink in for a minute.

You’ll never ever drop fifteen pounds in twenty seven days eating healthy.

The only way you’re going to lose that much weight that fast is if you eat twigs & berries, pop diet pills, starve yourself, live off caffeine, and do about three hours of cardio a day.

Bu bu but what about if I want to lose just ten pounds?

In only twenty seven days?

You better be tipping the scales at 275 plus if you want to drop ten pounds of body fat that fast.

Look folks, anytime you lose too much weight too fast, it’s not going to be the type of weight you want to lose.

Yo yo dieting has a cause.

This is the type of mentality that causes yo yo dieting.

Women tend to approach their weight loss goals with an overly ambitious attitude.

The problem with this is that if they don’t achieve their pernicious weight loss benchmark they’re likely to throw in the towel.

When they do attain their time sensitive weight loss goals they’ve suppressed their metabolism so badly that they end up gaining back at least double what they lost.

When you lose weight the wrong way you never gain back what you lost.

You always gain back more.

A lot more.

Amanda grappled with yo yo dieting her whole life; until she followed 
her customized OMEP and she lost 18 lbs of body fat and dropped
 8 inches off her waist!

Go ahead and drop that 15 lbs in twenty seven days and you’ll gain 30 pounds back in the next two months.

When you lose weight the wrong way the your progress isn’t sustainable.

However when you follow a meal plan customized exactly for you then you’re able to not only sustain your good results but continue to make more results month after month.

So instead of shooting for 10-15 lbs of weight loss in twenty seven days, why not settle for 4 pounds down and 1.5″ off the waist?

Who wouldn’t want that in less than a month?

Not only will you continue to build on that progress but you won’t have to starve yourself & kill yourself in the gym to get there.

And so goes the plight of the yo yo dieter.

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