Someone is Always Watching

Someone is always watching

Anytime you start a new diet program or exercise routine or both, someone is always watching.

It could be a family member, coworkers, cronies or strangers.

YOU never know.

Whether you tell them or not.

They’re gonna notice you taking a new bag to work, they’re gonna notice you’re no longer eating at the same place for lunch, they’re gonna notice the different exercise you’re doing in the gym they’re gonna notice how much less time you’re spending in the gym.

They will notice these things.

Now keep in mind some people are going to be pulling for you and some people are going to be secretly hoping you fall off the bandwagon.

But remember this, no matter positive or negative, good or bad, you’re success (or lack of) will always influence somebody else.

You have the power to influence someone else.

Back when I was doing real life personal training in a gym setting and for the last 6 years when I’ve been doing the on-line programming I’ve noticed how in both situations when someone does well other people around them do well.

When someone experiences success they spark ambition & add incentive in other people and most importantly they build confidence in others.

But unfortunately the opposite is also true.

Anytime someone quits or falls off the band wagon – someone else will quit.

You see, quitters come in pairs.

The reason people do this is because when they witness someone else tap out, that subconsciously gives them permission to follow suit.

So you have a great responsibility in your hands that when you have the opportunity to follow the right program and you’re making progress and you’re gunning toward that and that’s your goal and your game plan, you do your absolute best.

Because make no mistake about it, leading by example is the most powerful way to lead and influence others there is in the world.

I promise you. Leading by example.

So, if you believe that,

if you've seen that,

or maybe if you've been influenced by that good or bad one way or the other then chime in the comments below and let me know

Maybe you've been on either end of the spectrum.

Maybe someone's influenced you or you've influenced someone else good or bad and what lesson have you learned?

Good or bad positive or negative, you have the power to lead by example and influence someone else because remember...

someone is always watching.

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