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3 Reasons Snacks Prevent Fat Loss - Wet Wolf Training

3 Reasons Snacks Prevent Fat Loss

Fat Loss is Prevented with Snacks

I’m going to give you 3 reasons your favorite snacks you love to munch on between meals are actually preventing you from burning your stubborn body fat.

Snacking on the wrong foods

Show me someone who counts down the minutes until their next snack and chances are it’s a processed refined “food” , packed full of sugar and lactose.

Here are a laundry list of typical “healthy” snacks that you think are actually helping you but are actually making you gain weight.

Rice cakes, trail mix, raisins, string cheese, laughing cow cheese, greek yogurt, cottage cheese and jello just to name a few.

This is what many folks consider an excellent food for fat loss.

Processed refined high glycemic carbs, void of fiber and healthy fats.

And you think these are going to help you speed up your metabolism?

Eat meals not snacks

You won't need a snack if you eat enough at each of your meals.

If you're always yearning for snacking this is a red-flag that you aren't eating enough of the right foods at each of your meals.

You should be eating four to six meals a day with two to four hours between each meal.

Here's an actual comment I got on my facebook fan page.

4-6 full meals? I thought we were supposed to have 3 meals breakfast lunch and dinner and 2 snacks in between. I do a low carb high fat diet no sugars, fruits, my snacks are pork rinds.

You truly can't make this stuff up.

Only in the twisted design of a fad diet are pork rinds a healthier option that an apple.

Oh, fats are fine but there's a striking difference between an avocado and pork rinds.

Snacks trigger binge eating

Snacks prevent fat loss because they are notorious as sparking binge eating.

This leads us to potentially the worse trigger snack of all.


They've got to be a fan favorite in the grab bag of snacks.

Cashews, holiday mixed nuts, roasted almonds, hickory smoked peanuts, take your pick.

They're all crunchy and dangerously dense in calories.

And worst of all they can set off a jail break binge in the blink of an eye.

I knew a woman who couldn't control herself around nuts. They were her biggest weakness.

There was a jar of mixed nuts in the break room which she had to walk past every time she went to the restroom. And every time she walked past she would swipe a few, then a few more and before she knew it she was devouring a massive handful.

Just to put thinks into perspective 1 cup of almonds has more kcals than a Burger King Whopper.

No you shouldn't be counting calories but the fact is that it's not hard at all to trigger a jail break binge from what started as an innocent little snack break.

And it doesn't have to be nuts either.

Trail mix is another pernicious snacking idea that can ruin your diet in a heartbeat.

Safe snacking ideas

Let's face it, sometimes you might get a little hungry just a little sooner between certain meals at certain times of the day.

Here are three super safe snack ideas that will crush cravings and boost energy levels.

Only one of these snacks is approved.

My favorite is an organic apple.

Next is grape fruit. Or even half of one.

The best snack for someone who is on a very strict diet for a photo shoot or contest prep is celery.

Now go eat your next meal so you won't need a snack.

But if you do at least you'll know what to eat.

Leave a comment below and tell me if this article hits home.


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