Why You Should Never Eat Small Meals

Never eat 5 or 6 small meals per day.

Have you ever heard some fitness fanatics boast about eating 5 or 6 small meals a day?

If so then you’re not alone.

Many fitness minded folks make the mistake of eating a handful of teeny tiny meals a day.

Instead, you should be eating 5 or 6 big meals each day.

The reason being that healthy food is often not very calorie dense, so you’ll need a higher volume of it in order to tally up your total required nutrients for the day to prevent low blood sugar, cravings & binge eating.

Someone asked me a very interesting question the other day that really showed the importance of eating big meals.

But I’m obese, should I still be eating 5 or 6 Big meals each day?


You didn’t get obese eating 6 big meals a day of spinach, avocado, wild salmon, broccoli, tomatos, chicken breasts or olive oil.

You became obese by binge eating on cookies, ice cream and fast food.

And the best way to prevent binge eating is to load up on the good stuff.

The reason it’s impossible to binge on grass-fed beef, asparagus, turkey breast and quinoa is because those high nutrient foods will nourish your body by shutting off the cravings food back lop from the brain.

My Amanda called this meal her "craving killer". This meal was so Loaded full of healthy calories her cravings didn't stand a chance!
How in the world did Amanda eat Bigger meals and still drop 6.5" from her waist? Simple, because those big healthy meals crushed her cravings and prevented her from binge eating on junk.

Unlike someone who binge eats ice cream and can devour an entire half gal of chocolate fudge, they might be well fed but they aren't being nourished by those empty kcals.

Your brain craves it's daily requirements of kcals, vitamins and minerals and if those needs aren't being met then you're likely to keep eating sugary filth until your belly is busting at the seams.

And that's why eating 5 or 6 Big Healthy meals a day will act as a safeguard to prevent the urge to binge eating.

This is how you eat a big meal. No directions needed.

If this sounds like something you need to put into practice with your eating leave a comment below and let me know how it helped you.



  • By Dena - on Reply

    Thank you for sharing this information with me. Yes this is something I def need, I really want to loose weight. My only concern is cost but def willing to make a change.

    Dena R

    • By Jeff Kuh - on Reply

      You’re right! It is a big investment, but cost is never a concern when the program over delivers. Cost is only a concern when you don’t get what you paid for.

  • By Christina Davila - on Reply

    Thank you for sharing that with me and also true I am one of those ppl who taken pills and gym and lose a lot of weight but stop taking the pills the weight came back and more .. I have a member ship to a gym but to lazy to go and I am being honest .. I will read and look at your fb and this link

  • By Danilla Mendez - on Reply

    Thanks for sharing. I have thyroid issues and the doctor has always told me small meals and lots of fiber in order to lose weight. I walk/run an hour 4 days a week and just added 2 days of weight training but want to add more weight training days.

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