How I Mix My Protein Shake

Protein Shake Mix to Crush Cravings

The biggest mistake people make when slurping down a protein shake is thinking that the protein powder is the most important ingredient. .

I’ve never had a protein only shake and anyone who does is setting themselves up for failure.

Try to guzzle down a silly whey shake at 8:30pm and you’ll be ready to rip & snort through the local Waffle House by 11:00pm.

Your final meal of the day is also your last line of defense against late night hunger & cravings!

You want to avoid late night binge eating.

And the best way to combat against sneaky hunger pangs is to load up with a full spectrum of rich healthy fats during your last meal of the day.

A few almonds isn’t going to fuel my body ( or yours) and stabilize blood sugar levels for the next 10 hours.

My last meal of the day needs to have enough fuel and keep me full and satisfied for the next 10 or 11 hours until I eat breakfast the next day.

Fat is a satisfy(er) and when combines with multi-species protein powder and berries it can provide a sustainable flow of nutrients over the night.

Here is your source of healthy fats & antioxidants to add satiety and trickle feed your muscled through the night.

  1. coconut oil
  2. walnuts
  3. macadamia nuts (The best tasting Mac nuts in the world)
  4. organic pine nuts
  5. raw almonds
  6. chia seeds
  7. ground flax seeds
  8. frozen blueberries
  9. frozen strawberry
  10. raw sweet cacao nibs
  11. Protein Powder scoop 1
  12. Protein Powder scoop 2

Watch me put it all together in the video below.

Now before I can even finish listing the ingredients I know the obligatory question.

But is it still okay to eat that before bed?

First and foremost, healthy food is still healthy irrespective of your sleep patterns.

Healthy food is still good for you no matter what time the clock says.

By the way, who said you have to eat this right before you crawl into bed?

I usually have it by 9:30pm and then go to bed at 11:00pm.

This is what I take right before bed, and I like to have the shake a good 1.5 hours prior.

Remember, when making your protein shake, the least important component is the protein powder. So load up on fats and berries and give your body the fuel it needs until your next feeding.


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