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Programs - Wet Wolf Training

Best Personalized Diet Plans

The only way to achieve the best fat loss and muscle building results possible is to have a customized eating pattern and training program tailored exactly to fit you.

Please note, however, that I can’t actually follow your program for you. You may have to do that yourself.

Once transaction is complete there are No refunds, returns or buy backs. All sales are final.


  1. Click on “PayNow” button & submit payment
  2. Immediately after PayPal transaction is complete you will be re-directed to My Welcome page with a big yellow button that you click which will take you to the evaluation. Fill out your evaluation
  3. Immediately start your journal here (this is the best way to communicate in case there is an issue where our emails don’t go through)
  4. Do NOT email me telling me you sent payment or ask me if I received payment. PayPal will notify me
  5. Turn off all Spam Block
  6. Check your spam folder just in case the program was directed there
  7. Within 48 hours of receiving your completed eval I will create and email your customized program
  8. No physical product is shipped. All programs are sent by email

*** Must renew with in 2 months of purchase of program for the renewal price to be in affect ***

** ALWAYS add my email to your CONTACTS list to prevent my emails from going to your spam box **

Program #1 - Quick Fix Diet

Quick-Fix-125X125-2 The Quick Fix Diet is just that; a quick fix to get you on the right track with your eating. You receive a customized eating pattern for a lifting and non-lifting day. Supplement recommendations are included.

* If you want special foods particular to your likes or dislikes and require more extensive detail in program design to meet your personal schedule then I suggest you select program #2.

Buy Now for $199 only

Program #2 - The Oscillating Macronutrient Eating Pattern

prog2$297 The First Month, $150 Each Additional Month.

The OMEP v 5.0 applies the principle of volumetrics to promote satiety, integrates thermogenic foods to ramp up metabolic rate and uses strategic macronutrient placement for increased leptin levels. It is the NEW science of fat loss and muscle building through optimal nutrition.You receive a customized eating pattern for every day of the week. Supplements are listed in the program. You get to list foods that you like and dislike to increase long term success. I provide a Progress Chart as an Excel spread sheet that you return after each full month on the program. This provides me with the necessary information so that I can make necessary adjustments to your eating pattern on a monthly basis which allows for continued progress.

“Does this come with a training program? I assign one of my highly effective published training programs I created which I recommend all people who start the omep should follow during the first month. However, if you have injuries that prevent you from doing certain exercises and require a customized training program then I suggest you sign up for program #7.”

For more info read here:What is the OMEP?



#3 The Vegan & Vegetarian Program

pagebanner$307: The Vegan & Vegetarian Program Renewal $167

I’ve always said that for someone who wants to burn body fat while following a vegan/ vegetarian diet is like taking a knife to a gun fight. Until now!

After witnessing how woefully prepared so many vegan & vegetarian diets were I couldn’t sit back and watch the helpless masses continue to eat themselves into bigger sized outfits with each passing day.

When someone can’t eat meat for ethical or religious purposes it is absolutely vital that they maximize the greatest nutritional & fat burning content from the food they do eat. The Vegan & Vegetarian Macronutrient Eating pattern utilizes the most effective protein, carbohydrate & healthy fat sources possible in the absence of meat or eggs to sustain energy & nourishment and still coerce your body to burn off that stubborn body fat.




Program #4 - The Bikini Figure Program

BFP-Banner600X128This is NOT a Diet or Eating program, only a training program.
$199 – Scared to death of getting huge when you lift weights? Terrified that those ham hock thighs of yours will get even bigger if you do squats? Are you quivering in fear that those tree trunk triceps will swell in girth if you do a push up?

If this sounds like you then the Bikini Figure Program is right up your alley.

Not only is the BFP designed to streamline your body but it can also add tremendous metabolic enhancement from a performance component. Translation- it can get you in your best shape ever for any recreational activity of your choice.

It also does an unmatched job of sizzling the fat right off those stubborn butt cheeks and will dissolve that pesky pillow off your lower abs.

Oh yes, you will lift weights but nothing like the inept time wasting activity you are accustomed to doing. A unique blend of supersets and sky high training economy will deliver a payoff never experienced before.

The metabolic demands are so great that your heart will be beating faster than when your crush asked you to the middle school dance back in the 6th grade!

It doesn’t matter if you are a rank newbie who is interested in doing her first bikini show, a lonely obese thirty something wanting to look good for the beach or an active housewife who wants to have an edge on her three kids and husband for the family ski trip; the payoff you get from the Bikini Figure Program will be unmatched.
$199 Bikini Figure Program


$297 Quick Fix Diet + Bikini Figure Program


Program #5 - Metabolic Meltdown Training



$200 The First Month, $125 Each Additional Month

Metabolic Meltdown Training is the antithesis of steady state long duration aerobic work, otherwise known as “cardo”. It is the New science of fat loss through metabolic training and the only program ever developed that can add myogenic tone to your muscles while torching off body fat without the use of weight training. The secret of Metabolic Meltdown Training is that it recruits the same musculature as sprinting, jumping and lifting with out actually lifting any weights.

Program #6 - Consolidation Phase Training


The First Month, $125 Each Additional Month

Consolidation Phase Training is built on the foundation of merging 3 different strength qualities together over the course of a weekly program. Any time you train multiple strength qualities simultaneously you make far greater progress. To greater amplify the results a triple progression scheme has been employed to boost effectiveness through the roof.

Program #7 - Combination of Programs #2, #5 & #6


$425 The First Month, $225 Each Additional Month

This is the “Biggest Bang for your Buck” that I offer.


Program #8 - Victory Phase



$497 The First Month, $350 Each Additional Month

**Program must be renewed with in 2 months of initial first month purchase in order to qualify for the renewal rate**
The Victory Phase is designed with a specific finish line date set in the future. This program is specifically designed for someone who is in preparation for a physique competition or photo shoot. I provide a monthly progress chart for all clients to complete and return each month to make sure constant progress is being made. Weekly adjustments are included during the final month to assure peak condition is achieved when the client arrives at the designated finish line.