All Or Nothing People Never Last in The Diet Game

The Diet Game Never Lasts for All or Nothing People

All – or – nothing people never make it in the diet or fitness game.

I’ll get to the reason why in a bit but first I’m going to tell you and show you

how to spot someone like this.

I was doing a FaceBook Live Stream last week when someone said they did spinning classes

three days a week and lifted weights five days a week.

Immediately I had a flashback to my Law of Leanness #7

If you're in the gym five or more days a week then your diet is a train wreck.

And to be honest, your diet isn't the only problem.

In other words is your diet is designed correctly you won't need to be in the gym more than three, 45 minute sessions a week.

When it comes to exercise, people think more is better.

If three days a week good then four days must be great and if you can clock in six days a week you'll reach your best results in record time.

Obviously that's gotta be true, right?

Then why do we see so many overweight or obese folks in the gym five days a week?

In fact the folks who are in the gym on the daily never make any progress.

All that alacrity for the gym and they don't have a thing to show for it.

Well Duh! They're obviously not eating healthy!


Ask any of them and I'll bet you dollars to doughnuts that 9/10 of them will cross their heart and swear on their momma's grave that they're "eating clean".

Let's get one thing clear up front.

Exercise is certainly good but too much of a good thing isn't always a good thing.

When it comes to food people think less is better

Ask any doctor, dietitian, nutritionist, personal trainer or Dr. Oz how to lose weight and or burn body fat and they'll all tell you two things:

Exercise more.

Eat less.

Unfortunately too many people think food is their mortal enemy in the weight loss war.

Let's get one thing clear up front.

Food isn't the problem, food is the only solution.

All or nothing people never last in the diet game because they're gonna push these two areas to the extreme.

Every day gym work stacked with diets of whey shakes and twigs & berries.

They lack balance.

And people who lack balance can't sustain.

And if you can't sustain you crash and burn.

Samantha struggled her whole life with an all-or-nothing attitude in the diet & exercise game.
When she signed up for her OMEP program I had her eating more and working out less than she had in the last 5 years.
Four months later she lost 5 " off her waist and dropped 1l lbs off the scale all while getting stronger.

So how do you spot someone like this?

Easy, they can't view exercise in moderation.

It's either six days a week or bust.

I had a conversation on my facebook fan page with someone last week and here's how it went down.

Me: If you have to exercise 5 or 6 days a week then your diet isn't the only problem.

That was all I needed to see.

All-or-nothing people are only capable of viewing things in black & white, in or out, one extreme or the other.

There is no middle ground.

There is no moderation or balance.

Either she's going to the gym six days a week or she isn't going at all.

And that's why all or nothing people never make it in the fitness or fat loss game.

Comment below if this used to be you and if my words of wisdom helped you find balance.




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