Obesity is No Laughing Matter!

Obesity is no laughing matter.

You won’t believe two things I heard last week.

The first was from a woman who admitted she was 5’4″ 275 🙂

Now the really unusual part was what she included right after her weight.

She inserted a little smiley face.

The next situation was on Periscope and a woman said she lost 20 pounds but gained it all back during 2015.

But after she fessed up to her dereliction of eating duty she included “LOL”.

We have two examples.

Both include:

  1. Obesity
  2. Weight Gain
  3. Happiness

Now why in the world would someone laugh about losing 20 lbs and gaining it all back?

Why would another woman be smiling about being clinically obese?

Of course I already knew the answer.

When a woman is talking about her own obesity or weight gain with a cocky smile on her face or lets out a hearty laugh it means she is crying on the inside.

That smiley face is a safeguard, that “lol” is there to mask the fact that she is really in tears.

She’s wounded.

It’s a cry for help.

You’re not going to fool me with your cutsie smirk or your smart alec chuckle.

And honestly you’re doing yourself a dis-service when you make it into a laughing matter.

Now, let me say this.

Just because you’re clinically obese (and lucky to be alive), you’re not disqualified from your best.

Just because you spent 6 months losing 30 lbs and gained it all back in 2 months, you can still claim the promises that lie ahead.


You’ll never ever get there following a fad-diet, a juice fast, a cleanse, using skinny wraps, counting macros, weight watchers, cutting carbs, taking a protein shake or fat loss pill, running a marathon, doing a spinning class or going to the gym 5 days a week.

The only way your going to get there,

And sustain it,

is by focusing on food.

And this all starts by following your customized eating program then packing your meals each and every day when you leave the house.

Touch this post if this might just sound like you or someone you know.


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