Never Reduce Calories For Weight Loss

If You Want To Lose Weight, Never Drop Calories.

Never reduce calories if you want to lose weight.

When you lower your calories your metabolism slows down.

If you’re over weight or obese you already have a slow metabolism.

So cutting your calories will dwindle your already feeble metabolism

down to a snails pace.

The number one goal of any fat loss diet should always be to increase your metabolism.

(Your metabolism is the rate at which your body burns calories.)

Never slow it down.

You’re wrong! I lost 50 pounds by eating clean and cutting calories!

You can.

At first.

When you restrict calories you will drop weight initially.

Then you hit a nasty plateau

and your weight loss stalls.

Before you know it you end up rebounding and gaining even more back than you lost in the first place because your metabolism is even slower now than it was when you started.

Amanda struggled with binge eating multiple days a week. We attacked her cravings
and boosted her sluggish metabolism with an influx of healthy, metabolism boosting 
carbs and fats. This increase in total calories crushed her cravings and prevented
her binge eating.
Thus allowing her to burn more body fat with out being deterred from the tremendous 
caloric load of her frequent jail break binges.

Cardio and gym work make it worse

When you add in spinning classes, boot camps, cardio and gym sessions it only worsens the problem.

It creates an even deeper caloric deficit which will only exacerbate this pernicious dilemma.

Increase your metabolism with energy intake

You will never boost your metabolism through caloric restriction, energy restriction or energy expenditure.

The best way to boost your metabolism is always through energy intake,

Eating & drinking the correct food and water.

Weight loss fanatics have it backwards.

They think cutting the calories they eat combined with burning calories with gym work, boot camps and personal training sessions is the solution.

When in fact increasing energy intake is always the best solution.

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