Help! I Need Motivation to Eat Healthy!

Do you need motivation to stick to your diet?

A confused & frustrated woman approached me yesterday and said,

Help! I’ve had a hard time focusing and getting my mind right with my diet this time. I always seem to do better when I have a goal.

I always love any questions or concerns about ‘motivation” sticking to a diet because right away I know exactly what the root cause is.

The reasons you aren’t motivated is because you’re not making any progress.

No positive results.

You’ve hit a stubborn plateau.

In fact you’re probably going in reverse.

People who aren’t making progress with their diet aren’t motivated to follow it.

Can you blame them?

Jenn was motivated every day during her transformation. What motivated her you ask? 
Simple! She was motivated by her Results! She dropped over 6" from her waist in 
2 months all by following her right eating program.

It doesn't matter what your goals are, if you don't have the right strategy, if you don't follow the right game plan then you're going to flounder around like a fish out of water.

And the reason you're not making progress with your diet is because you're not following the correct map.

You don't have the right game plan, the right strategy, the right tools or the right direction.

Following the right direction is so important that it can even render your effort meaningless.

I love this quote from Tony Robbins,

You'll never see a sunset running east no matter how hard you run.

So next time someone someone tells you they lack motivation you'll know the reason why.

Because once you follow the right map, the motivation will take care of its self.

Comment below if you need motivation to put the right food into your mouth.

I bet I can help.


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