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Wet Wolf’s back, and he’s got an appetite for destruction. No one’s safe from being exposed — not those Figure competition judges, not your chiropractor… not even your bodybuilder boyfriend!

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In my previous article, I brought to light a number of sometimes misunderstood truths of the figure industry. In the process, I set the kitchen on fire.

This time, I’ll reveal a few more alarming truths. It’s time to burn down the freakin’ house!

Truth #1: Don’t Talk About Doing a Show, Do It.

We’ve all seen her — the girl who’s been talking about stepping on stage for the last three years, but just keeps waiting for the “opportune moment.”

I knew a girl who was talking about doing a show way back in 2005. She hired a local figure competitor as a personal trainer, got breast implants, went to the Arnold Classic, Olympia and Jr. Nationals in 2006 and 2007, tried on a posing suit, joined two steroid message boards, and married a juice head.

Never quite found her way onstage, though. She looks worse now than she did three years ago, when she first “decided” to compete.

So how do you break out of the rut? How can someone who wants to compete finally pull the trigger?


Pick a show date.

That’s it.

Once you set your show date, you’ll know exactly how much time you have to prep and the number of weeks you have to prep for a show is one of the most influential factors in contest prep design.

In every situation where the girl failed to step on stage, it wasn’t because she didn’t start the journey, it was because she couldn’t see the finish line! There was no culmination, no final destination, no peak, no end point was established.

Oftentimes, a girl will start a cutting diet, hire a personal trainer, and start working on posing with no show date in sight. Big mistake. Every time I see this happen the results are always the same. Six months later, she’s back to where she began.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you shouldn’t train or follow sound nutritional advice if you have aspirations of doing a figure show. All I’m saying is, don’t buy a suit, start working on posing, tanning, and hire a personal trainer if you haven’t even set a show date.

Truth # 2: Never take Advice from a Judge

You want to know what kind of people I’ve seen sitting on figure judging panels over the last few years? An obese woman who had never competed before but designed suits for competitors, the husband of a figure competitor who didn’t even workout, a gay man who ran a local modeling agency, and a local NFL player.

These are not the people to turn to for training advice. I’ll go so far as to say that a judge is the worst person you can get advice from.

Most judges, by the way, don’t actually judge anything. They vote for the girl that the promoter of the show wants to win. Sometimes the promoter of the show is one of the judges, and also trains several of the girls who compete in his show. Talk about conflict of interest.

The most common advice judges give is also the worst advice you can get: “you need to come in softer next time.”

I knew a girl who placed her all-time best at a pro figure show, just missing qualifying for the Olympia by one point. She was in her best condition eve, but the judges told her she needed to come in “softer” for her next show.

As instructed, she reported less than two weeks later to her next show much softer: nary a cut to be found, and not a hint of myogenic tone. She dropped five places, while a rock-hard Tara Scotti won the show.

Figure Athlete’s own Gina Aliotti has never worried about coming in “too hard.” Her ripped condition was good enough for a paltry second place at the 2007 Figure Olympia and first place at the 2008 Arnold.

Gina never worries about coming in “too hard.”

Just bear in mind that the judges are almost always going to place the same people as winners, so don’t bother trying to cater to their advice, or you’ll end up looking and placing worse than you would have otherwise.

Just report with the lowest body fat as possible, and with as much muscle as possible, and let the chips fall where they may

Truth # 3: Never take Diet or Training Advice from your Boyfriend

It always happens: I’m training a girl for a figure show or whatever, and her boyfriend object to every single thing I’ve prescribed.

It’s a guy thing.

You see, ladies, all guys are experts on cars, sports, and workin’ out. It doesn’t matter if the guy happens to be a stockbroker, a lawyer, a baker, or a bricklayer. When it comes to cars, sports, and workin’ out, he’s the man, the head honcho, the big dog.

But don’t worry; if you step on the big dog’s tail, his bark is worse than his bite.

Don’t take advice from this meathead, especially if he’s your boyfriend.

The most outrageous thing I ever heard was from the husband of a woman I trained. He had told her that the only thing that mattered from a fitness perspective was her resting heart rate.

That’s right, her bodyfat percentage, muscle mass, metabolic rate and lipid profile were all meaningless. She went on to tell me that he did distance cycling, and had trained at the Olympic training center before, like I’d be impressed by that. She actually challenged him to a Prowler pushing contest, but he chickened out.

Some girls get into training or competing because the boyfriend competes. When this is the case and the boyfriend is on the sauce, it’s a recipe for disaster.

One girl’s boyfriend (who was a major juice head) called me once to tell me that the diet I’d prescribed just didn’t have enough calories, and that his girlfriend couldn’t make it through her workout. My favorite line from the conversation was when he told me that as a girl gets closer to her show, her energy levels should increase.

After picking my jaw up off the floor, I explained to him that as a girl nears the final weeks and even days before a show, she’s at her leanest ever, and basically running on fumes. When a woman’s bodyfat levels drop near single digit her energy levels and over all sense of well-being will plummet.

My personal policy is to never train or design the diet for a girl I’m romantically involved with. I might offer advice, but when you mix relationships with work, it can get volatile.

Several years ago I was prepping a girl for a show, and the girl I was dating at the time was also prepping for a show around the same time. She was working with her trainer of the last two years and was doing the hundred-rep-per-set thing along with the typical hodgepodge of machine work.

It pissed her off to no end that I wouldn’t train her, but she had good genetics and took Anavar, so she ended up looking awesome anyway. I stand by my decision to this day..

Truth #4: Don’t take Training Advice from your Chiropractor

Why is it that every chiropractor I know also considers himself to be an authority on bodybuilding, strength training, fat loss, steroids and sports training? Jeez, these guys are even worse than real doctors.

A longtime friend graduated from chiropractic school a couple of years ago. He was trying to convince me that front squats do not recruit the rectus abdominis or obliques at all, but rather only the transverse abdominis.

Well we all know that front squats recruit and challenge the obliques and rectus abdominis through stabilization and compression. I and many other trainees have often reported deep soreness in the obliques and abs following a front squat workout.

He also went on to tell me that he’d like to sue any non-doctor who claimed they could relieve low back pain. He claimed that only a doctor should make such a statement.

I had a client who had chronic low back pain for years from bad posture while sitting at her desk at work. On her first session I put her through a ground-based dynamic activation mobility warmup. The next day she said that her back felt better from that warmup mobility session than it ever did from her numerous chiro visits.

The next week I put her through low back and hip traction using jump stretch flex bands. Again, she said that she got more relief from the band traction and mobility warmup than she ever received from her chiropractic treatment.

The real shocker was the following week, when I had her perform upright sled drags wearing a belt. The belt aided in decompression of the vertebrae, and helped to pump synovial fluid through the spine. The next day she said that her back felt better now then it ever had in the last 5 years.

Over a year later, she’s 100% pain free.

Truth #5: Don’t be Impressed by Credentials

I got about fifty private messages by girls who, after reading my first article, wondered how to know who to listen to. “Everything is so confusing! I don’t know who to believe!”

First, let’s look at what not to look for.

The next time someone asks me for my “credentials,” I’m going to beat his head to a bloody pulp with an ACE certification manual, slam his face into a framed NESTA certificate, and smack him right in the gut with the CSCS practice exam.

(I’m sorry, but I just can’t take seriously an organization that has a model doing leg extensions on the main page of their website.)

When I hear a trainer say he has a degree in exercise science, I know the chances are pretty good that he doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing.

I know a few really excellent coaches and trainers who have degrees in exercise science from American institutions, but their excellence is in spite of those degrees, not because of them. The academic curricula in exercise science and physiology are not even in the same galaxy of usefulness as those from sports science academies and institutes overseas.

One of the greatest strength coaches in the world, Charles Poliquin, has mentioned that the academic curriculum in exercise science in North American universities is focused almost exclusively on the cardiovascular system.

As Nelson Montana so aptly put it:

“The one area that most of these organizations seem to be popping hard-ons over is the ‘science of evaluating heart rate.’ There are metabolic equivalent evaluations and clinical threshold values and Radionuclide VO2 maxes. Literally dozens of calculations and equations designed to find that elusive ultimate heart rate necessary to provide you with the body of your dreams (providing that body resembles Gary Null).

“There were so many formulas, I felt as if I needed a calculator, a computer, and an abacus to figure them out. First, there’s the maximum heart rate determined by 220 minus your age divided by your resting heart rate multiplied by how tall you are plus the number of letters in your mother’s maiden name, while adding the amount of vowels in the month and then subtracting the length of your penis, plus four. ”

Here are the credentials that count in my book:

• The ability to explain in detail the system and process you plan to implement in the individual.

• Having ten or more before and-after-photos of clients that demonstrate a profound transformation.

• Having trained athletes who, as a result of that training, signed an athletic or professional contract.

• Having published several articles.

These are a lot more impressive than a bunch of letters after your name.

Truth #6: Put Down that Protein Shake

Not to bash protein shakes, but if you have the opportunity to eat a solid food meal, eat one, especially if you’re on a cutting diet.

You want to turn your body into a fat-burning machine whenever possible. Because a shake is a liquid, it’s absorbed, not digested, and since digestion is a thermogenic activity, we want to promote that as much as possible.

To crank up the furnace even more, try replacing that protein shake with a meal that mimics the macronutrient profile of the shake as much as possible, but with a whole slew of fat-burning benefits.

Introduce some thermogenic food. Try a piece of grilled wild salmon on a salad with a chopped up tomato, hungarian wax pepper, zucchini, raw spinach leaves and a few small slivers of a habanero pepper.

Nature’s HOT-ROX Extreme. Be warned, though: these babies will fry more than just your fat.

Habanero peppers are rich in capsaicin. A potent anti-inflammatory and thermogenic agent. This means that you can experience fat loss through two pathways:

• The thermogenic affect of digestion

• The thermogenic affect of capsaicin

Neither of which would have been possible with the protein shake.

I hope that these two articles have helped to debunk some of the bullshit prevalent in the industry. Don’t let yourself fall victim to misinformation generously supplied by boyfriends, chiropractors and judges. Arm yourself with real information necessary to make a stand.

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