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My Minimalist Supplement List - Wet Wolf Training

My Minimalist Supplement List

Anyone who’s followed me for the last 5 years knows good and well that I’ve never suggested or recommended a single supplement for a non-clients before. The reason for that is because I want you to focus on food.

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Look, everywhere you turn on Instagram, or facebook you are being bombarded with fitness babes and buff dudes trying to get you take the bait on their snazzy new supplement promo.

Unfortunately this works like a charm on antsy dieters and fitness fanatics who somehow missed the memo that food is what determines your fat loss & muscle building, not a potion, pill, bar or shake.

The right supplements can certainly accentuate smart nutrition and training but the problem folks make is that they add the wrong supplements to already awful nutrition and garbage training then wonder why they can’t make progress.

This is where I come in to help.

I’m going to finally cut through all the crap and tell you the supplement nuts & bolts you can add to your nutrition and training program to enhance it further.

I don’t work for any supplement company so I’m not persuaded on way or the other by an endorsement. Each and every supplement I suggest I use myself and recommend to my clients as well.  I’ve put my stamp of approval on them as being tried & tested staples to further benefit an already effective nutrition and training program.

I order everything from Amazon and recommend you do as well. It’s got the best prices across the board, global brand and the third largest website on the planet so for convenience I’ve linked all the products from Amazon.

Muscle Provider The Best Protein Powder I’ve Ever Used

Back in 2002 the first time I ever used Muscle Provider was roughly 30 minutes before I went to train arms. I’ll never forget the improved muscle hardness & fullness I got and I couldn’t figure out what it was from.  Turns out the rich BCAAs and nitrogen content in the powder makes it very anabolic and promotes rapid uptake by hungry muscle cells.

What this means is that if your diet and training are on point, it can help starve off body while providing a profound anti-catabolic and anabolic stimulus, an unheard of feat never before thought possible by a protein powder or any non-hormonal supplement for that matter. Because of this it works extremely well on a photo shoot prep or contest prep diet.

Muscle Provider is a diverse multi-species  protein powder in that it contains a blend of different fast acting & sustained released proteins. When protein isolate, whey protein hydrolysate, whey protein concentrate, calcium caseinate, hydrolyzed lactalbumin and the most important of all, egg white all combine to deliver the most powerful muscle building and fat starving delivery system available today.

A very big selling point on Muscle Provider is the taste and mix-ability. You can drink it with water as a shake or you can put a scoop in a bowl and add in a tiny bit of water to mix it into a pudding-like texture. No other protein power I’ve ever used has had this unique ability. You can also mix some berries and healthy fats with it to make a powerful meal replacement in a squeeze bottle at work or on the go.

Muscle Provider is Wet Wolf Nutrition Approved!

Coconut Oil, My Favorite Fat Source.

I use Nature’s Way extra-virgin coconut oil. It’s excellent for sauteing vegetables or putting on veggies after they have been heated. If you don’t know, coconut oil remains a solid at room temperature but turns to liquid if warmed up. I put a spoon full on my  steamed vegetables so it melts immediately and provides a huge burst of satiety.

Power Packed Training Shake

Glycofuse is my preferred training shake because of it’s rich sustainable flow of energy it delivers during a very demanding training session. A major fuel source for muscle cells delivering ready-to-use carbs for high energy output. Men, women, novice or advanced, your muscle cells will suck up Glycofuse like a sponge to keep the muscles firing at full throttle and accelerate the recovery process once the training session is completed.

The only individual who I would not suggest takes Glycofuse is an endomorph with hypothyroidism or diabetes or in some cases a pure endomorph.  For someone like that I would suggest BCAA’s

ZMA, Deeper Sleep & Improved Recovery

I use NOW brand ZMA. It’s one of the lowest priced but probably the most effective. Most hard training athletes or typical gym goers are woefully deficient in zinc and magnesium. I remember back in 2003 I would wake up at 5:30am to go train clients but it was so hard for me to crawl out of bed I would rely on a fat burner pill to get me going. Little to my knowledge I was deficient in zinc and magnesium. I stumbled on a ZMA product and thought I’d give it a try. I popped two caps before bed and I actually woke up at 5:00am, 30 minutes before my alarm clock and felt so rejuvenated I didn’t even have the desire for a fat burner pill for a stimulus. Since then I’ve been hooked.

Let me be clear. ZMA will not make you fall asleep. However, once you are asleep you will be in a more deep, restful state. In other words you will experience a much greater quality of sleep. Men can expect a greater sex drive upon wakening.

Emergen-C, The Best Energy Drink in The Galaxy

Forget popping that can of energy drink when you are feeling sluggish in the afternoon, instead mix in a pack of Emergen-C into some ice water and you’ll get an instant burst of pick-me-up. I actually like to have one immediately upon wakening with a glass of room temperature water as it’s easier for me to drink right when I wake up.

For anyone who struggles to get in their daily water amounts Emergen-C can add flavor and make getting down all the water much easier.



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