How I Prepare My Favorite Metabolism Boosting Meal

My favorite meal for boosting my metabolism.

The reason so many folks have such short-lived success in the fat loss game is because they don’t know how to correctly boost increase their metabolism.

They rely on two main sources:

  1. exercise
  2. stimulants

Neither is optimal for long term success.

Let me explain why.

First of all what is your metabolism?

Your metabolism refers to the rate at which your body burns kilo-calories.

So the faster your metabolism the more kcals you’re going to burn and the more you burn the greater your chance of reducing body fat

Weight lifting and cardio uses energy expenditure  as a means to increase your metabolism.

When you pump iron in the gym, jog on the treadmill or do half pushups and crunches on your living room floor you’re burning calories but it also speeds up your metabolism.

Exercise should certainly be part of any healthy sustainable fat loss program.

However here’s how that can become problematic.

When you burn calories in order to speed up your metabolism, which will burn even more kcals it can create a compounding deficit resulting in plummeting blood sugar levels.

Not so fast!

You said that too much cardio makes you fat and now you’re saying that it makes us burn too much fat?

Nope, not burning too much body fat but rather burning too many kcals is what drops blood sugar too low thus resulting in binge eating and a slower metabolism.

The problem with stimulants whether it’s your cup of coffee or a Monster energy drink or a fat loss pill is that the caffeine or other herbal extracts will stimulate the sympathetic nervous system and have your sweet little heart pounding like a Seminole war drum.

This will hoodwink your brain into thinking its really a fuel source. So it allows you to push harder in the gym and clock in an extra hour on cardio on less fuel ( calories) which will result in a huge caloric deficit again.

Many stimulants also blunt the hunger feed back loop from the stomach to the brain. So that when when those hunger signals finally hit your thinking cap they’re about 3 hours and 3,000 calories overdue.

When do you think happens next?

If you said a jail break binge then you’re only half way right.

A jail break binge at 10pm is more likely.

That’s why you never want to rely on exercise or stimulants to speed up your metabolism.

So what am I supposed to do?!?!

Rely on food.

Especially your customized eating program.

This meal below is one of my favorite metabolism boosting meals that can be used once or twice a day.

Here’s why it spikes your metabolic rate through the roof.

  1. Principle of volumetrics. This simply refers to the amount of space the portion of food takes up relative to the amount of kcals it contains.
  2. Thermogenic process of digestion. All the high volume from all the cruciferous, leafy green, multi colored vegetables will force your digestive system to work harder to digest all this food. Thus increasing your metabolism. People often underestimate the thermogenic process of digestion. This is why liquid nutrition like shakes & smoothies don’t offer this type of response because liquid is absorbed not digested like solid food is.

Now the key is to actually use thermogenic foods as part of the principle of volumetrics.

This will create a huge bang for you buck in the metabolic payload you experience.

Alyssa actually was performing more cardio and eating less food in the first image. 
It wasn't until she ate the right food on her Customized Eating Program to increase her metabolism.
The most remarkable thing of all is that she was able to drop over 26 lbs of body fat while nursing her baby!

Remember, you don't have to be dripping in sweat or gasping for air to speed up your metabolism.

You just have to increase the rate at which your body burns calories.

Then throw in the healthy fats from either avocado or olive oil and it will add satiety and crush the cravings while your metabolic rate increases.

And remember, Never rely on coffee, cardio, boot camps, fasted treadmill sessions, spinning classes, marathons or fat burner pills to rev up your metabolism.

Comment below if you liked this meal after you tried it.



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