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Four Steps Your Meals Must Do To Boost Your Metabolism - Wet Wolf Training

Four Steps Your Meals Must Do To Boost Your Metabolism

Metabolism Boosting Meals with Four Simple Steps

Wanna boost your metabolism?

Most dieters do!

But unfortunately the very steps that speed up your body’s metabolism are what people tend to do the opposite of which unfortunately lead to a stubborn weight-loss plateau and sticking point.

Ready to find out?

Keep reading.

Handle Your Hunger

I’ll never forget what I was told by an over weight, unhealthy, chronic dieter a few years ago.

I’m always starving by noon but I know weight loss has to hurt.

Come again?

It should never hurt to lose weight;

As long as you lose weight the correct way.

The very first step to burning stubborn body fat is by boosting your metabolism

and the first step to boosting your metabolism is decreasing hunger.

You’ll never sustain a fast acting metabolism until you can handle your hunger.

Your hunger is regulated by your blood sugar levels, so when your blood sugar

levels dip your hunger goes up.

If fat loss is your goal then you never want low blood sugar or high blood sugar levels.

You always want balanced blood sugar.

A good measuring stick to gauge your hunger boundaries is that

you should be hungry less than 30 minutes each day or fifteen to twenty minutes before each meal.

However that doesn’t mean you should wait until you’re hungry to eat.

Cravings Crushed

Show me someone who’s a rebound dieter, yo-yo dieter or can’t avoid their afternoon siesta with out Starbucks and I’ll show you someone who has cravings at night multiple days a week.

Cravings are the culprit of a deficiency in micro-nutrients, macro-nutrients or emotions.

I can’t help you so much with the emotions part but smashing cravings from the food part of the equation is where your metabolism comes into play.

Ana lost 20 lbs of body fat and 6.25" off her waist in 11 months 
and she made mention that her favorite benefit of her OMEP Diet was 
how it CRUSHED her cravings, thus preventing her from eating junk.

The biggest problem with cravings and hunger is that they are a gateway to binge eating.

Make no mistake about it, you'll never boost your metabolic rate as long as you're emotional eating & binge eating.

It just ain't gonna happen.

Satiety Between Meals

Do you find your tummy grumbling an hour after your last meal?

That's because your satiety is extinct.

The way I define satiety is your body's ability to sustain between meals.

And much like cravings, if the scales are unbalanced with your carbs, fats &

veggies portions then your satiety's gonna suffer.

Food is Your Energy Source

If you can't make it to work with out Starbucks,

if you can't drag yourself to the gym without a Monster energy drink.

or if you can't avoid your afternoon siesta with out  5-hour energy shot

then your diet is woefully lacking.

The food you eat is your fuel source and is directly responsible for

the amount of energy you have over the course of the day.

And if you're reliant on stimulants for basic function during the day

then you're not eating the right foods and you'll never

ever kick start your metabolism into full gear.

Conversely, when you follow your customized OMEP your energy levels

will automatically increase and in turn your metabolism will sky rocket!

Now be careful for these three pernicious mistakes fitness fanatics always make when trying to boost their metabolism.

  1. Too Many Workouts
  2. Over Reliance on Stimulants
  3. Cutting Calories

The reason that all three of these errors are actually the culprit of a slower metabolism is because they remove food from the equation as the most important factor and result in a caloric deficit.

Now you know the four bases you have to cover to boost and sustain your metabolism into a fat incinerating furnace.


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