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Love at First Bite! - Wet Wolf Training

Love at First Bite!

download (55)The cliché answer from personal trainers and nutritionists on avoiding the pit falls of eating lousy foods is always the same. “You have to make better eating choices.”

WHOA! Really? No shit!

Here’s the thing. What if you believe that a lousy food is really ok to eat? Or what if you are just so compelled by a lousy food that you can’t control your own choice? What if you stand powerless over the memorizing forces it exudes over you rendering you defenseless against your will?
Open up your ears, sit up in your chair and read this relationship analogy that drives home my point.

I know a very successful competitor in the fitness industry. Never married and in her mid thirties very attractive and well educated. Over the last two years her dating resume has been a train wreck of poor decisions and grossly unqualified suitors.

Have you seen Bravo’s series “Millionaire Matchmaker”? Well this girl got the Dollar Store version; at half off.

Her history is littered with more wrong turns that a blind mouse in maze. I’ll keep it to the last two years alone. The first of the top three highlights would be the long distance alcoholic who lived four states away. No, a local alcoholic just won’t do, we need to travel four states away to find someone who has substance addiction issues.

Next was the pro athlete with six illegitimate kids from four different women and to top it off he had been arrested for felony charges. Nothing speaks to the valure of responsibility and commitment like sporting six illegitimate rug rats polished off with some probation time.

“He gave $10,000 to charity!” she quipped!

Yea, and that’s the financial equivalent of me dropping a nickel in the Salvation Army bucket with the old guy ringing the bell next to it.
Finally was the twenty one year old adolescence, 14 years younger than her and at a totally different place in life. My first response, “I hope for your sake, he is the hottest guy this side of the Mississippi”. “No” she replied, “He doesn’t even look that good.”

And boy she wasn’t lying.
Her battle cry was always “I’m looking for a man who can be a husband” but she flocked after the polar opposite; men and even a boy who were sorely lacking of the ability to be a husband, at least for her or better yet anyone.

“So what the heck does this have to do with my relationship with food!?”
Simple, just plug in a piece of unapproved food for each unapproved guy! You truly think that both will fulfill an emotional need that you possess but neither is up for the task.

This is obvious.
The more compelling questions remains- why wasn’t the female able to see the pernicious relationships ahead of time? Why weren’t thirty five years of life experience on earth enough time to provide the discernment that someone fourteen years younger would never work?
Simple, the choices were based off emotion and not prudent logic.

Same thing applies with food.
Why weren’t you able to realize that if you ate the same “diet” foods you have been eating the results aren’t going to be any different? Did you believe that if you just ate “less” of them that would solve the problem?

For one you believe that the traditional “healthy” or “diet” foods you read about in Out of Shape and Carbon Dioxide magazine are actually legitimate.
How do you explain after your thirty or even forty something years in the world you still lack the wherewithal to make competent decisions about what to shovel into your mouth?

It’s a very compelling question isn’t it? So compelling in fact that often times even when a client signs up for a customized diet program from me that they still revert back to their pernicious habits within a few weeks; unable to even complete a full month of smart, healthy, plentiful eating.
A reoccurring theme I keep seeing is clueless women asking other clueless women what they should be eating.

I also see women who think they are experts in nutrition giving unsolicited advice to others. Problem is that these women aren’t experts nor are they even competent. Most of them know little more than the basics; which are wrong anyway.

Most of the time the young broad will read an article by a famous expert and all of a sudden anoint themselves as an authority figure and claim they actually know something more than the average spinning class regular & cottage cheese eater.

Let me say this very loud and let me say this very clear. I have never ever seen a female who is following or has ever followed a healthy, effective and optimal fat loss diet program. Heck I’ve only seen a couple of men who I would deem as competent in doling out extremely effective fat loss programs but never once a female.

“You sexist jerk! How dare you say you’ve never seen a woman who has followed a highly effective fat loss diet!?”
Well, because I haven’t. It’s not like the chances are much better with a guy though; I mean your chances only go from .00% to .01%
Anyway, getting back to the reason you’re still not equipped to make competent eating choices is because of the “buzz” words the diet industry

“Say what?”
Companies love to package foods with buzz words like “organic(s)” or “All natural” or ”Zero calories” and females of all ages eat them up!

Females take the bait hook line and sinker every time.

Every heard the old saying “You can’t polish a turd?”
Well that’s exactly where know-it-all newbies all the way up to the mis-informed middle age’s go wrong every single time. They think if a processed, refined food has “All Natural” or “Organic” on the label all of a sudden if raises the standard.
Wrong! Just because you slap the word “Organic” on the label of yogurt doesn’t make it a good food! It’s still a “turd” no matter what the label says.
I can just picture it now these crafty “health food” companies have thousands of confused females by the leash by simply slapping the buzz word “Organics” or “All natural” or “Zero Calories” on their can or label and your little mouth starts to pool up and drool with saliva as your beady eyes oggle these almost hypnotic hot button words!
It’s totally hilarious, you read the words “Zero Calories” or “Sugar Free” on a label and you think the previously unapproved food mysteriously turns to gold!

Hell you shouldn’t be eating cottage cheese, greek yogurt and heavy cream anyway, I don’t care what the label says.

But when the antsy young chicken sees the word “Organic” on the label a switch goes off deep in here cerebral consciousness and she is automatically rendered powerless against her will and caves in and slurps up the creamy product.

Take a look at the fridge photo below that proves two of my previous points.
1) Remember above where I said I have never seen a female who was eating a truly effective and healthy fat loss diet? Well this photo happens to be from the inside of a fridge of a female who considers herself an expert and claims to offer the “best interactive fitness and diet tools available”.
You seriously can’t make this stuff up people!

download (56)

Your fridge should never look like this……if fat loss is what you’re after.

download (57)

I truly have to laugh out loud when I see how delusional this young wiper snapper is. She actually thinks by paying nearly 20% extra for canned and bottled products with “Organics” on the label that it’s actually healthier!

I can just see her guzzling down loads of this lactose loaded “All natural” beverage under the false impression that it’s actually going to help her get leaner.

download (58)

You can learn a lot from your romantic relationships but just because you make poor decisions with your lover doesn’t mean you should make the same mistake with your food.


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