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Injuries Improve Your Diet - Wet Wolf Training

Injuries Improve Your Diet

You Can’t Out Run a Bad Diet

One of the biggest pit falls that throws people off track in the diet game are hunger and cravings.

Because when you’re hungry or have cravings you’re more likely to binge eat.

Wanna know a big reason why you have such insatiable hunger by the time the end of the day rolls around?

Because you did too much cardio.

Ever heard the old saying..

You can’t out run a bad diet!

That may be true.

But you can out run a good one.

In other words, too much exercise can render even the most well designed eating program totally inept.

Kelly achieved one of the most striking figures ever while following her OMEP program
And she did it while not being able to exercise for 3 months due to a medical procedure.
Just goes to show the power of smart, effective customized nutrition when applied correctly.

Cardio can make you fat.

When your energy expenditure exceeds the boundaries of your fuel intake you create an energy deficit in your body.

An acute slight deficit can be useful for safe, healthy sustainable fat loss.

But no one ever does that.

Folks eat twigs & berries and then overload the cardio and gym work on top of an already low blood sugar level.

When you pile on gym work on top of a very low kcal diet you create a severe energy deficit.

Before you know it your blood sugar plummets to rock bottom levels.

And when you're hit with a tidal wave of hunger you cave-in and devour an entire jar of peanut butter faster than a plate of warm brownies will disappear at a PTA meeting.

You just gobbled up more kcals in the last 10 minutes than you consumed in the last 24 hours!

Shrouded in guilt you swear you'll off-set that jail break binge with a 6am furious punishment on the tread-mill.

That should do the trick, you tell yourself.

But just for good measure you decide to slice your daily kcals for the next 3 days in half.

After all you want to wipe away any remnants of your filthy binge and get a head start on your fat loss again.

Oh and you'll also throw in another cardio session after work since your favorite Instagram bikini girls all swear they do the same.

And so the viscous cycle continues.

Look folks.

Cardio and pumping iron is a good thing,

but too much of a good thing,

isn't always a good thing.

But if you were injured you wouldn't be able to over-train.

In fact, you might not be able to train at all.

And that's a good thing.

You're best opportunity to burn stubborn body fat is when you're injured because it allows you to put all your focus on your eating. And since you can't exercise it reduces the chance of self sabotage through over training.

No workouts means no more severe energy deficits, no rock bottom blood sugar levels and no jail break binge eating.

All you have to focus on is food.

No gym, no shower, no packing a change of clothes, no pre-workout, no fat loss pills, no gym bag.

Just eat.

Leave a comment if you've never looked at it from this perspective before.


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