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FAQ - Wet Wolf Training

Questions About Personalized Diet Programs
Have a question about your customized diet program and personalized training program?

I created the FAQ to serve as an aggregate to answer simple questions. Please save the more sophisticated questions for email. If you email me with a question I want you to really challenge me.
All Actual Questions:

1) Q: I emailed you several questions about my program but I think they bounced back. What should I do?
A: You should be asking all questions in your journal.This guarantees that I will always see them and provide you with the fastest response time possible.

2) Q: Some of the supplements don’t have a dosage listed in the program, How should I take them?
A: Follow the directions on the label.

3) Q: Can I add butter or oils when cooking?
A: No. You can use non-fat cooking spray in a pan. However some of the meals have olive oil listed next to them.

4) Q: I just noticed today that when I cooked my quinoa there was so much of it are you sure I am supposed to be eating this much?
A: Yes, I’m sure. Please follow the program.

5) Q: For this months eating pattern you put in a different PWO shake, is this really what I am supposed to do?
A: Yes, it is. Always follow your program.

6) Q: What info do you need to know before I sign up?
A: Nothing. Once payment is received I will send you an evaluation which you can fill out and send back to me.

7) Q: I am interested, I know that you go by what we like/dislike etc. I will not do any protein powders, bars etc. I only eat whole foods. If I have to take stuff as flameout, etc I can’t make it work. Thanks for your reply and yes this is the same Heather from figure athlete. I like your prices on your programs for nutrition . I seriously love my workouts , I’m sure you know (Name Omitted), he is an excellent trainer. If you’re not interested just say so, no hard feelings. I don’t hold grudges from the past so… thanks.
A: Please, I do not accept any info from the client until PayPal funds have been sent. All client info is to be submitted on the eval. If your trainer is excellent then why are you contacting me?

8) Q: Do I have to pay before you send me the program?(This was actually a real question believe it or not!)
A: Yes

9) Q: Can I use sweetners, condiments, seasoning or spices ?
A: Yes. 3 table spoons per day.

10) Q: I was just checking out your website and I’m interested in the OMEP program but was wondering if this also included a training schedule? I see there program 4 that does but it also includes other items that I would not necessarily need.
A: I assign one of my already published training programs to go along with the eating pattern however it is extremely effective and is very safe for the De-conditioned beginner yet still challenging for the seasoned gym rat. If you have injuries that prevent you from doing basic exercises and want a customized training program to go along with your eating pattern then Program 7 should be your choice.

11) Q: I don’t have time to eat all of the meals during the day. Can I eat 2 meals at once?
A: In order for your body to optimize the full effectiveness of the program it is necessary for you to follow it as it is written. However if situations do not allow for you to eat a meal- I would rather you combine 2 meals then miss one all together.

12) Q: Can I switch up the order of the meals?
A: If you need to, but try to stick to the order they are written.

13) Q: I lost 3 lbs the first week then had some junk food the second week and gained 3 lbs back. Will this program still work even if I eat junk food here and there?
A: How can you possibly expect this program to “work” if you are eating junk food?

14) Q: How long do I take between meals?
A: 2-4 hours

15) Q: My job doesn’t allow me to take many breaks to eat during the day, how should I go about getting in all the meals?
A: Plan ahead, prepare all your meals in advance and do your best.

16) Q: What results should I expect from the eating pattern?
A: A lot depends on what your current lifestyle is like. Expect higher energy levels, faster metabolism and reduced body fat.

17) Q: Do I begin day #1 on Monday?
A: It makes no difference which day of the week you start day #1 on.

18) Q: Can I use my regular protein powder until my new shipment of supplements arrives?
A: Yes

19) Q: What does supplement “XYZ” do?
A: If you are uncertain about the role of a supplemeent then Google it.

20) Q: Can I substitute halibut, cod or sea bass for the tilapia and orange roughy?
A: If that’s all you have , but I would prefer you stick to the food choice listed.

21) Q: Do I measure or weigh rice, oatmeal and meat before or after cooking?
A: Weigh all meats before cooking. Common sense should clue you in for the oats. I mean who in the world cooks several cups of oatmeal then puts it in the fridge and doles out small portions at a time? For oats, measure the amount listed, then cook it.
Just the opposite for brown rice. Who in their right mind would cook 1/2 cup of rice in an entire pot!? Cook the rice then measure out the listed amount.

22) Q: Next to the shake you list take it “training”. Does that mean I take a separate shake before I train, during my training and after I train?
A: I only list the amounts for 1 shake. How could you come up with 3 totally different shakes out of that? Begin to sip your shake pre training, continue to sip it during your training and if any is left at the end then finish it up post training.

23) Q: I didn’t get your eval after I sent you funds over paypal and it has been 5 days. On your “getting started” page I know you say not to tell you we sent paypal funds but I was just curious.
A: I also say on my “getting started” page to turn off all SPAM block. I have tried to email you back from 2 of my email accounts and each time the mail is sent back to me as “undeliverable”. Please see to it that your email allows me to reach you. I know that if I sent someone some $$ I would make dang sure they were able to reach me no matter what!

24) Q: I see that you recommend certain supplements, will you prescribe when and how to take them as they fall in the diet like you have for week 1 (fish oils, primrose, muscle provider, ect.) for the remainder of the weeks?
A: No. The reason I did for those supps is because they have a caloric value and I want them taken in place of other food. Follow the label on the bottle for every other supplement.

25) Q: What are Hungarian Chili peppers?
A: If you use Google it will provide images along with a full description and text book definition. They can be found in your local grocery produce dept.

26) Q: I have a lunch meeting at a local restaurant and I have to go. What should I eat?
A: Select foods from the menu that best match up with your assigned meal.

27) Q: How often will you update my eating pattern.
A: Totally depends on your feedback. Typically I update the eating pattern each month. If someone needs their eating pattern adjusted each week then there was a serious problem to begin with in the program design. It takes a good 4 weeks to really get the significant effects that the eating pattern was designed to deliver.

28) Q: Why don’t you want me to drink coffee and explain to me why you paired up the meals with the foods you did. Not questioning you or anything I’m just trying to learn.
A: You can drink decaf coffee. I sell training and nutritional programs. Program design & support is what I deliver. This is not a tutorial. Most everything I do can be explained in one of my published articles. With that being said I don’t answer the “Why?” question.

29) Q: If you do make changes to my program will you tell me in advance so that I can know what to buy during my weekly trip the grocery store.
A: With over several dozen clients on board at any given time it’s not my responsibility to keep track of when they visit the grocery store. I would suggest you renew several days in advance to ensure you have your updated program prior to your weekly grocery store visit.

30) Q: What does “RM” mean?
A: Rep Max- So if I tell you to perform 5 x 5 with your 7RM that means to use a weight you could perform 1 set of 7 reps with if you went “All out”.

31) Q: What if I am not strong enough to perform some of the body weight exercises you put in the program like push ups or crocs?
A: I offer demo videos of much easier beginner exercises that you can substitute in their place.

32) Q: What is your take on a cheat meal every week?
A: You won’t need a cheat meal if you’re following your program.

33) Q: I can’t find some of the types of peppers and some of the types of fish are there any substitutes?
A: Yes, if you can’t find one of the above then sub another type of fish or pepper that is already listed on the eating pattern for the one you can’t find.

34) Q:I’m sick. I woke up with a terrible sore throat and swollen tonsils this morning. I saw a dr and got a 3 day antibiotic cycle because I don’t seem to have cold or flu symptoms. I worked out today but probably won’t be able to for a while. I already made my meals for tomorrow and am planning on staying on the nutrition plan provided. I am just wondering if you have any advice. I am guessing sticking to the plan and not working out until I feel okay again is what you’d recommend, but I wanted to make sure.
A: Follow your Dr.’s orders until you are well then resume your program.


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