The Cinderella Affect of Food

Anyone’s who’s heard the fable of Cinderella knows that at the stroke of midnight her stage coach turned into a pumpkin.

The exact same thing holds true for women all over the world, only it’s not a stage coach that will turn into a pumpkin, it’s them.

They believe that at the stroke of 8pm, (or is it 9?) any food which passes between their lips will automatically be converted into body fat.  Something magically happens that transforms even the healthiest foods into pure adipose tissue for your thighs and belly.

download (13)No food is immune to this either. Strawberries? Egg whites? Beans? chicken breast? Protein powder?

It matters not.

The only thing scarier than eating after 8pm is eating before bed!

You think Freddie Kruger was terrifying? Heck, he’s nothing compared to the torment an apple will have her thrashing around under her sheets in a cold sweat with the nightmares until the break of dawn.

Wanna hear something very confusing though?

This exact same female has no qualms dining out with her cronies well past 8pm. Not a single eye was batted or care was given as she devoured her plate of spaghetti and garlic bread and then topped it off with a slice of cheese cake and washed it all down with a couple glasses of wine.

Only in a fairytale can you even begin to make heads or tails of this kind of logic.


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