Should You Eat Healthy if You’re Pregnant or Nursing?

If You Are Nursing or Pregnant Should You Eat Healthy?

It’s surprising how often I’ll get a pensive women ask if she should eat healthy while she is pregnant or nursing.

This is such a bizarre question for me because the most important time you need smart nutrition is when you’re pregnant.

The next most important time is when you’re nursing.

So the striking question is how could anyone in their right mind possibly get that totally wrong?

Two reasons.

  1. Women typically associate “healthy eating” with weight loss and weight loss with restriction. And their default trigger is that restriction is bad when you’re pregnant. Let me be very clear when I say this: restriction of junk food is always good! Second of all I’ve been very consistent that you should never eat small meals but rather always eat big healthy meals, even for fat loss.
  2. Another reason is that sub consciously many women have a compelling desire to use pregnancy as an open-door-policy to gobble up cheese cake, ice cream and brownies.

Not so fast! I don’t even like candy and junk food!

Lasagna, french fries and chicken pot pie will put the weight on just as fast if not faster than a high sugar food.

In other words the pregnancy label is just a quasi excuse to stray on their diet.

Most women head into pregnancy over weight.

Combine this with the voracious cravings that can accompany pregnancy and it’s easy to see how the sixty pound weight gain to an already over weight figure can lead them into a hole they may never be able to climb their way out of.

I’ve been pregnant two times before and each time I gained 30 pounds and lost it all.

This may come as a shock your body isn’t going to function the same way it did five years ago. And especially not like it did ten years ago.

When you factor in your slower metabolism & fluctuating hormones you can’t use past success to predict the future.

This leads me to the point which is that you always want to enter a pregnancy in the best shape possible. When I refer to being in the best shape possible I’m referring to having your body fat percentage under 22% and definitely under 25%.

I’m also referring to being as strong as you’ve been in the last couple years.

If you get pregnant with very weak muscles and twenty five pounds over weight then you’re going to have a more difficult pregnancy and a tremendously more difficult road to recovery.

The second most important time you need smart nutrition is when you’re nursing.

You’d be shocked at how many women are scared to death of eating healthy balanced nutrition while they are nursing.

This photo below sums up perfectly the importance of following customized nutrition while you are nursing.

Alyssa followed her customized OMEP for an entire year while she was nursing her little boy for the entire year as well.

She lost 32 pounds of body fat and gained 8 pounds of muscle and her little boy hit all his health markers on his check up.

Bu bu but how did she lose so much weight if she was eating more food.

I've covered this ad nauseam and eating small meals can be harmful and when you eat large portions of healthy food you're credited to actually eat more food through an increased metabolism.

Comment below if you or someone you know might be concerned about eating healthy food when they're pregnant or nursing.


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