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I Eat Healthy But Can't Burn Body Fat - Wet Wolf Training

I Eat Healthy But Can’t Burn Body Fat

Can’t burn body fat but I eat healthy!

When ever I’ll do a Periscope or FaceBook Live Stream and give viewers full access from the front line trenches of my meal prep it’s only a matter of time until I get the obligatory response.

But I eat all those foods too!

I eat all the foods you’re eating and I still can’t lose weight??

As soon as I hear that my ‘spidey sense’ starts tingling.

I know right away what the problem is.

By saying this indicates to me that you’re looking at the individual components of your eating and not the collective, congruent total.

You can’t focus on the individual foods of your nutritional program through a microscope. Instead you should take a panoramic view of the entire landscape of your eating plan.

Let me explain.

People think that if rice is good, salmon, turkey breast, spinach, yams and tomatoes are all good…

“But then why am I obese?”

I’ll tell you why.

Because It’s not the foods you’re eating that are preventing fat loss,

it’s the foods you’re not eating.

This brings us full circle to the original point that it isn’t any one food that is going to magically trigger the pounds to melt off your body like warm butter. It’s the collective total of all your portions of every food, of every meal, of every day of the week all working in unison that your success is going to hinge on.

How many egg yolks should I eat though?

That depends on your height, weight, somatotype, age, gender, current diet, your goals, your metabolism and your food preferences just to name a few.

Here’s my favorite question.

What do you eat for breakfast?

You do realize there are 4 or 5 other meals of the day, right?

What you eat for breakfast won’t mean a thing if the rest of your meals aren’t correctly designed.

Rebecca lost 6" off her waist and couldn't fit into any of her old outfits in only 5 months after starting her customized eating program which blasted her metabolism through the roof!

Don't adopt a singular, isolated view of food.

Here's the supply chain of each individual food in your program.

  1. Your food portions make up a meal.
  2. Your meals make up a day.
  3. Your days of eating make up a week.
  4. Repeat the week for a month then gauge progress.

The Reasons You Can't Burn Body Fat

I eat healthy but can't burn body fat! is the obligatory battle cry for people who aren't eating enough of the right foods.

A lot of people don't eat enough and when you don't eat enough your metabolism gets suppressed and eventually the caloric deficit catches up with you and you stumble into a jail break binge.

Your eating program should be broken down into 4-6 meals a day over seven days a week. So understand it's the congruence of the entire week.

Then repeat the week for an entire month.

That's why you have to view your meals as a collective unit working together to achieve one goal as a collective unit.

Look at it this way.

If you take an engine out of a car and you take a piston out of the engine and say Look, I have a piston too, I can make my own engine now. Well in order to do that you'd have to have all the other thousands of little parts in the engine and if they're not aligned correctly the engine is not going to function properly.

The goal of every fat loss diet should be to speed up your metabolism "engine". Your body is far more complicated than an engine and only your customized eating program can increase your metabolism!

I'm going to fill you in on a little secret here that you're probably not going to like to hear.

The human body is far more complicated that any engine.

And burning off stubborn belly fat and keeping it off is like climbing a cactus for some people.

A lot of folks tend to forget that, in fact they think this whole diet conundrum is quite simple.

This false bravado leads to fad diets combined lousy food prep.

I'll give you one guess as to what happens next.


And a lot of it.

Anyone reading this can drop five pounds in a month

but you'll just gain ten back the next couple months.

Because you always gain more weight back on the rebound when you don't lose weight and burn body fat correctly though an increased metabolism.

If you just slash calories anybody can crash diet anyone can lose five or six pounds in a couple weeks but you'll just rebound it all back.

And we don't want that.

At the end of the day you want to lose fat correctly through an increased metabolic rate. In order to do that the entire collective unit of the diet engine has to function and operate correctly.

Comment below if you've had to learn this the hard way.




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