Do You Eat When Bored?

It happened again yesterday.

I had a woman tell me something that would have left me confused if I hadn’t heard it many times before.

I’m an emotional eater, I eat whenever I’m board.

That’s not the unusual part part though.

What really made it so bizarre was what came next.

I don’t have time to pack my meals I’m just too busy.

Make no mistake about it.

The same people who are emotional eaters due to boredom are always the same ones who never can find time ti pack their meals.

Do you see how this makes absolutely no sense at all?

Sorry, but I'm just too busy I don't have time to pack my meals.

The best way to prevent emotional eating is to pre-plan and pack your meals in advance.

That's what an effective & prudent time manager does.

Never rely on others to respect your schedule. Appointments run late, traffic jams happen every day.

Never rely on other people to keep your schedule on point.

The best way to prevent emotional eating is to keep your blood sugar levels stable. Because when your blood sugar levels drop your brain sends signals to your belly to scream "feed me!"

That's what causes hunger.

So if you keep your blood sugar levels stable you're not going to be hungry very often. And if you're not hungry then you're less likely to be an emotional eater.

The best way to keep blood sugar levels balanced is to eat the right amount of healthy food every two to four hours.

Not so fast! Everyone is different!

True, everyone is different but smart nutrition still works for everyone.

It just needs more customization for different types of people.

Another thing that causes emotional eating is cravings.

Cravings come from deficiencies in three areas.

  1. micronutrients
  2. macronutrients
  3. emotions

I can't help you with the emotional aspect but I can help you with the eating part.

If you don't take care of what goes into the mouth first then what's between the ears isn't going to matter as much.

Preparing your meals in advance will protect you from emotional eating when you get bored.

So you always want to take care of the meal packing part of the equation because that way at least you have a fighting chance.

You're bound to be bored.

So make certain to pack your meals.

Whether you have time or not.



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