How To Drink Wine EVERY Night for Ultimate Leanness

Every day wine drinkers can still lose weight!

Can I still drink a glass of wine every night and still lose weight?

That’s the numero uno question I get from persnickety, antsy, fickle dieters; who really don’t want to lose weight.

The reason they’re so compelled to drink wine on the nightly is because it fills a void in their life. Maybe it’s stress at work, their marriage is on the rocks or their kid is having problems at school. I’ve found it most common with single women or wives with absentee husbands who typically travel for work or are in the military.

This woman (you guessed it,a military wife) created the "wine workout" as a sneaky scapegoat to get her 
chemical high and create the false narrative that she's actually burning calories 
at the same time.

Before I deep dive into this query, you’ve got to understand the psychology behind this question.

First of all they have no intention of giving up their alcoholic libations.

They’re secretly hoping I’ll say “no” thus allowing them to embrace their obligatory wine fix and thwarting their attempt at starting an effective metabolism boosting diet program.

Wine drinking every night can achieve leanness

Technically yes, you can sip on a half a glass of wine every night and still achieve safe, effective, sustainable fat loss progress.

I’ve been very consistent in that if you follow your customized eating program at 90% compliance you can make monthly incremental progress while dropping inches from your waist while reducing hunger and increasing energy.

So yes if you had your nightly wine fix and that was the only error in your diet and the other ninety percent of the time you were following your premium customized metabolism boosting nutrition program, then yes, you could lose weight.

But here’s the problemo dear.

That means no cocktails with your cronies.

No more ladies night out.

No more dinner dates.

Because you’ve just used up all your free pass on your nightly wine glass.

Wine is just a gateway

First of all no body only has half a glass of wine.

They gulp down multiple glasses and sometimes can suck down an entire bottle.

And no body drinks wine by itself.

No one.

You see, that compulsory half glass of wine is an excuse to get your foot in the door to eat more trash.

And often times leads to binge eating.


Wine drinkers love munching on salty nuts, pepperoni slices, cheese chunks, and crackers while sipping on their Merlot.

Finger foods, hors d’oeuvres and desserts go hand in hand with your Chardonnay.

Chardonnay, (no pun intended), had wine almost every night while following her 
Customized OMEP Program while she was in nursing school and lost 4.5" off her waist in 5 Months!

Once that sugar-fat-salty-alcohol combination hits your tender pallet it lights up the pleasure centers of your brain like a fireworks display on the 4th of July.

And before you know it your adipose cells are swelling at the seams from the tidal wave of combustible fats and sugars they were just saturated with.

All because of a glass of wine.

Comment below if you or someone you know can relate.







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