Do You Love Your Body?

I read this on a fitness fan page….

“Ladies listen up. It’s time to start loving your body. Not when you lose 100lbs, 25lbs, or the last 5lbs. Not when you reach a certain pant size or when you can see your abs.”

So if you’re obese & love your body, why change?

People who boast about loving their body don’t want to change their body.

Heck most folks who hate their body really don’t want to change either.

But I can tell you from working with thousands of people from all demographics over the last 17 years it’s the people who are fed up, who are sick and tired of their current state and are at wits’ end with not being able to live the life they want and fit into the clothes they want that have the most compelling desire to change their body.

Amanda Liked her body, but now she loves her body.

Amanda Liked her body, but now she loves her body.

So should you love your body?

You better.

Which is all the more reason you should strive to take care of it.

“But why wouldn’t someone want to take care of their body?”

Not only does the fringe fat acceptance movement push this agenda but it’s gaining ground in the mainstream too.

They embrace the stance that you should love your body no matter it’s condition. The problem is that they’ve twisted this to mean that loving their body means that they shouldn’t change their body even when in dire need of improvements.

This is the common narrative that these people try to shove down your throat in an attempt to quell any nutritional & fitness responsibility on their end and hopefully yours as well.

I can hear their battle cry now, “You chauvinist! How dare you tell me I’m supposed to look like the model on the cover of Shape magazine!”

Maybe not the cover model, but certainly a vast improvement from your status quo.

Treacy loved herself and now loves her body.

Treacy loved herself and now loves her body.

There you go again over reaching to some unattainable standard you’ve taken the bait on, so instead of trying to improve at all you just stomp your feet and stand in place refusing to budge an inch.

No, you shouldn’t hate your body and develop a distorted self image with unrealistic expectations. But the problem is that many folks is that they take the polar opposite extreme approach thus opening the flood gates to cup cakes and junk food.

“You bully! Stop fat -shaming me for eating foods I love besides I have a thyroid problem!!”

Would telling someone with a learning disability to keep working harder be bullying?

Would telling someone with a low IQ they need to burn the mid-night oil in order graduate be bullying?

Would telling someone who was 100k in debt but reduced it to 50k debt, that their position was still unacceptable and to keep going be a bully?

No, no and hell-to-the no.

In no other area of life is improving from a place of underachievement frowned upon like it is in the body image/weight loss realm.

The reason for this is simple.

They want you to believe you’re not capable. It’s out of your hands. It can’t be changed.

You’re Born this way!

If you’ve decided to love your body no matter how big or unhealthy you are then that’s not really love at all. That’s a misguided permission slip to be lazy and unaccountable.

Which leads to my next point.

download (10)The connection they’re missing is that in order to love your body also entails being a good steward of your body. Which is why it’s impossible to be obese and still love your body.

I know it’s PC to be a cheerleader and all but sometimes you need a heaping helping of the God-honest truth.

It might just save your life.


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