Your Diet is a Quick Fix Not a Lifestyle Change

Lifestyle change isn’t necessary for your diet.

The battle cry from fitness fanatics and yo-yo dieters all across the globe has got to be the obligatory..

There is no quick fix to your diet, it’s a lifestyle change!

Oh contrary!

Do you really need a lifestyle change to eat healthy food consistently?

Absolutely not.

You do however need the right nutritional map which can be developed in a few hours.

A few years ago I had to get my transmission fixed on my car. It took a whopping two hours to replace it.

There’s a quick fix for a broken car, boat, air plane, lawn mower or your diet.

Is there a quick fix for your horrible lifestyle?

Not if you’re an alcoholic, drug addict,  abuse victim or have an eating disorder. In that case you’re going to most likely need to see a shrink to help you sort out your problems.

But you can definitely quick fix a diet.

I don't follow a diet! It's a lifestyle for me!

Oh contrary! You're always on a diet unless you're fasting.

Now this is something most of you don't want to hear.

The reason you don't want to hear this is because it removes the massively overwhelming obstacle of making a total lifestyle change and simplifies it down to just getting you the right diet program.

If you think you have to change a million things in your lifestyle it's going to be too overwhelming and you'll never even take a swing at it.

All you need to change (most of the time) is your diet.

I know most of you folks reading this won't like to hear this because it's going to put the solution directly in the palm of your hands.

Most folks want to create a narrative that in order to achieve a lean fit figure they must make tremendous sacrifices in life; because as long as there is great adversity to achieve something they'll never take the action steps to get there.


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