I Don’t Feel Like I Deserve to Eat

Do You Deserve To Eat All Your Meals?

Several years ago I had a woman who signed up for her online eating program tell me that she didn’t eat her special once a week high carb meal.

My immediate response was…

why not?”

What she said next resounded true for every single persnickety dieter in pursuit of weight loss from each of the four corners of the globe.

I didn’t think I deserved it!

When I asked her why she didn’t think she deserved to eat it she admitted that

she didn’t think her results were happening fast enough.

I asked if there were any other reasons why she didn’t think she deserved to eat her high carb day?

She went on to say that she also didn’t deserve it because her legs were too big,

and she also ate a small bite of banana bread the day before.

I feel like I don’t deserve to eat,

she kept repeating.

And those are just some of the reasons you may think that you too don’t deserve to eat

healthy, nutritious food.

The most glaring example of this I’ve ever encountered is

when I had a client email me expressing her concern about

eating an apple past 8:00pm.

Let me say this very loud and very clear;

Eating an apple is not the culprit of the American obesity epidemic.

But what about eating at night or before bed?

It doesn't matter if you eat it during your sleep!

Healthy, nutritious food is healthy no matter what the clock says.


Now back to the woman who didn't feel like she deserved to eat.

But here's the greatest fault in her thought process.

Her thinking was based off her feelings.

"I feel like I don't deserve to eat."

Your feelings are your emotions

and your emotions can't be trusted.

Never let your emotions dictate what you put into your mouth.

Or in this case, what doesn't.

Rosie dropped over 8" from her waist and melted off 21 pounds of body fat when I added more of the right fat-burning foods to her customized diet.
She never would have thought eating MORE food would have caused her to lose so much weight by spending less time in the gym.

That high carb meal you feared more than a giant tarantula is actually

going to speed up your metabolism and accelerate the entire fat loss process.

And when you decide to omit it from your personalized eating pattern

don't be surprised when your progress stalls.

But the worst part is that your blood sugar is going to dip into a deep deficit.

And before you can count those sixty-five extra carbs neglected you've already devoured an entire loaf of banana bread and licking the crumbs off the plate.

If you didn't think you deserved to eat a meal before, your guilty conscience isn't going to let you eat for the next month.

All because you didn't think you deserved to eat your next meal.


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