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Cardio Before or After Weights? - Wet Wolf Training

Cardio Before or After Weights?

Should you do your cardio before or after lifting weights?

That’s a question that’s plagued the masses of gym junkies for years.

And I don’t think a single sweaty soul has gotten it right yet.

“So which is it, before or after?”


The best time to do cardio is on days you don’t lift weights.

Let me explain.

You want to use your richest energy source for your weight lifting session and if you perform cardio before hand then you’re going to deplete it or at least dip into it.

Not so fast! I go for a 10 minute warm up jog on the treadmill before I lift and it helps me!

A 10 minute jog is a lousy warm up.

Prior to your lifting you want to perform a thorough warm up in each of these five areas:

  1. joint traction
  2. mobility
  3. flexibility
  4. increase core body temperature
  5. nervous system stimulation

Wanna guess how many of the segments listed above your 10 minute jog on the treadmill will take care of?


So much for your under whelming pre-workout trot.

Nicole spent years doing an hour of cardio after her weights for 5 or 6 days a week. When she finally came on board with me I put her weights and cardio on separate days and reduced her gym time by 70%. Her results speak for themselves!

The reason you never want to do cardio after you lift weights is because after you finish your lift it's vital to begin the recovery process as soon as possible.

That's when your precious muscle building occurs and you get to reap the rewards of your time under the iron.

Have a shake.  (If you do have a shake make sure you have one based on your somatotype)

Endomorphs drink BCAA's

Ectomorphs & Mesomorphs can replenish with muscle glycogen stores with muscle building carbs.

Eat a meal.

Take a nap.

Go to bed.

But what's wrong with burning some extra calories on the stairmaster after I lift?

If you go do cardio after your lifting session you prolong the recovery process and that's never a good thing.

The goal of a lifting session should never be to burn calories.

The goal is to build muscle.

If you train correctly the majority of your energy consumption & calorie burning should occur over the remainder of the day and night following your lifting session, instead of during the actual session.

Bu bu but I lift weights five days a week! That only leaves me two days to do cardio! How will I ever burn body fat with only two cardio days?"

If you think you have to lift weights 5 days a week that tells me you don't know how to train correctly.

You should be following my Kiss the Bodybuilding Workouts Goodbye which is set up with the following parameters:

  • 3 lifting days approx 40 minutes with warm up
  • 2 metabolic days approx 12 minutes with warm up
  • 2 rest days

Besides if you think you need more than 5 exercise days a week to burn body fat than your diet is a train wreck.

Focus on eating the correct customized nutrition program and the calorie burning will take care of it's self.





Before & After


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