Should You Eat Healthy Even if You Can’t Workout?

One of my all time favorite excuses for not eating healthy is the tired old rebuttal that just because you’re injured and can’t exercise that you shouldn’t follow smart nutrition too.

Actually, the opposite of this is true.

When you can’t exercise whether it be from a surgery or accidental injury that’s the best time possible to focus on your food.

When you don’t have to fool with the gym, spinning class, cycling, treadmill or boot camps it’s going to increase your chance of success just by dropping those distractions.

Now that you’re not doing any exercise you’ll also have much more time on your hands so that you can shift all your focus to your food.

I talked to a confused woman who loved to talk about her goals

but loved even more to share all the reasons she couldn’t reach them!

(sound familiar?)

“Had a spinal fusion on Sept. 1st . think I told you that already. (you have, this is the 5th time actually) Also, I can’t lift heavy weights or even run because of my issues with my back. I probably shouldn’t follow a nutrition plan until I’m all healed up?”

I couldn’t help but to let out a hearty laugh at her dereliction of her eating duty!

She’d actually convinced herself and trying to, but woefully succeeding to sell me on the fact that she shouldn’t eat healthy as long as she couldn’t lift.

Listen junior. Grab a number 2 pencil and a sheet of paper and jot this down:

Exercise is not a prerequisite for putting the right foods into your mouth.
In fact, when you remove exercise from the equation it makes your food even more important.

Being injured will Never affect what goes into your mouth!

Allow me to explain...

When you don't have to fool with the gym, doing cardio, getting all sweaty, taking a shower, doing your hair, etc. etc.,

You can shift all your focus to your food.

That's it.

Look, I've been very consistent that your biggest weapons in the fat loss game are your knife and fork. Everything else is secondary.

Just take a look at Jess.

She had a laundry list of healthy issues to over come combined with the the biggest "deal breaker" of all.

She couldn't exercise.

This would have doomed the typical slacker embracing her victim narrative but not Jess.

She put laser focus on her eating & drinking and six weeks later she had dropped 5 lbs of scale weight and lost 2 inches from her waist.

Here's her take on the situation.

"I still wanted to post an update with some pictures. Though they aren't dramatic like most of yours... please keep in mind I couldn't keep to the plan for probably 25% of the time because of my medications and dietary requirements, not to mention that I couldn't do ANY exercise over this time period since I was recovering from major surgery. (About six weeks between pictures)

Other strikes against me- 2 kids, menopause, medications that cause weight gain and bloating, 3 major surgeries in 3 years, and physical/exercise limitations because of those surgeries. I was so discouraged and hopeless when I first started, since prior to my medical issues, I had always been healthy, a competitive athlete, and maintained what appeared to be an ideal physique without much effort and didn't know what to do with the extra 20 pounds I had gained.

I'm thrilled to have lost 2 inches from my waist and to fit into clothes I haven't worn in over 2 years. I've maintained the loss for over three weeks thus far and cannot wait to see the improvements I'll make in two weeks when I'm cleared for exercise!"


You can put down your pencil now.

Did you get all that?

I hope so, because that's just how important food is when everything else is working against you.




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