5 Reasons You Can’t Sustain Your Diet!

You Can’t Sustain Your Diet Because of These 5 Reasons

Show me someone who quit on their diet and I can promise you that one of these five reasons will be the culprit.

If your diet can prevent all five of these then you’re in for a successful journey towards melting off the pounds no matter what diseases you have or medications you’re on.

I’ll list them in descending order.

Starting off with reason number five.

Over exercising and too much gym time

Working out five, six or even seven days a week is the hallmark for an all-or-nothing person.

Claudia couldn't push past her sticking point even though she was working out
six days a week. When she reduced her gym time and increased her metabolism 
boosting meals it sparked her fat loss and she lost 19 lbs in the next 6 months!

The diet and fitness lifestyle is a magnet for attracting these obsessive, compulsive or addictive personality types.

The reason this is so problematic is because all-or-nothing people never sustain in the diet or fat loss game and always end up burning out.

And they can't sustain because they lack balance.

The fourth reason people give up on their diet is they....

Hit a weight loss plateau & diet stalls

This typically happens with someone who is over weight or obese.

They'll cut their calories and drop ten or twenty pounds off the bat however shortly thereafter their weight loss comes to a screeching halt.

The frustrating part is that they hit the plateau with another still thirty or forty pounds to go.

So they fight back by doing the only thing they know how to do - upping cardio and cutting calories.

Like crazy.

This results in a huge rebound weight gain.

Reason number three..

Cravings and Hunger are bad for your diet

You'll never ever be able to sustain in the diet game when you're living with habitual hunger & cravings.


Hunger and cravings start as a spark, they grow into a flame and before you know it you've got a raging inferno on your hands.

And once you reach that point a jail break binge is inevitable.

Hunger will kick your butt ever day of the week if you don't handle it correctly.

Reason number two.

Weighing Yourself Every Day

Being obsessed with the scale will throw you off course.

It starts with weighing yourself when you wake up then before you go to bed then before each meal then after each meal, then before you use the restroom then after you use the rest room.

Before you know it you're weighing yourself a dozen times a day.

The more you weigh yourself, the more you will weigh.

Always weigh yourself once a month when you fill out your progress chart to gauge progress.

Alla incrementally dropped inches and burned fat month by month for 6 months
because her customized eating program boosted her metabolism, crushed cravings, 
added daily variety and increased energy. 

Binge Eating is the number one reason people give up on their diet

When people binge eat they start believing they're disqualified from their best and that they've missed out on the promises that lie ahead.

I'm here to tell you that's not true. I'm here to tell you that you're not disqualified from your best and you can still claim the promises that lie ahead.

No matter what happened the last meal you can always eat your next meal like it's the most important meal of your life like it has a history and life of it's own.

Now go eat your next meal like it's the most important meal of you life!

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