I Can’t Eat When I Wake Up!

“I’m not hungry when I wake up in the morning!”

And that’s exactly why you should never wait until you’re hungry to eat.

Heck, most folks aren’t even hungry when they wake up in the morning even though it’s been 8, 10 or 12 hours since they ate dinner the night before.

They slug down a jumbo sized coffee.

Then by the time noon rolls around they have a slight hunger sensation so they have a salad with a chicken breast.

Followed by a whey shake & handful of almonds in the afternoon.

And finally some rice, veggies and tuna for dinner.

That’s not enough food to keep a sparrow alive.

Then by 9pm it hits you.

A tidal wave of hunger compounded with severe cravings so strong it sends you on a furious scavenger hunt for anything not nailed down…

….with sugar of course.

Where was this hunger when you needed it earlier in the day?

Why did it wait until an hour before bed to pop up?

I’ll tell you why.

It was actually there all along;

you just couldn’t feel it.

Here’s why:

Your hunger is regulated by your blood sugar levels.

And when you wake up after after not eating or drinking anything for the last 10-12 hours, you can best believe two things:

  1. You’re under hydrated
  2. You’ve got rock bottom blood sugar levels

When your blood sugar levels drop like a sack of potatoes your brain sends signals to your belly to scream “feed me!”

“Bu bu but if my blood sugar levels are low when I wake up they why aren’t I hungry?”

Because you’ve blunted the hunger feed-back loop from the brain to the stomach by chronically avoiding water and healthy food when you roll out of bed.

And all that coffee you can’t seem to live without only exacerbated the problem by hoodwinking your brain into thinking you actually had eaten a fuel source (healthy food) instead of the stimulation from the caffeine.

You’ve successfully slowed your metabolism down to a snails pace.

And that’s why you should always

Follow your customized eating program


Eat on the clock every 2-4 hours.

Leave a comment below if this is slowly starting to make sense.



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