Top 3 Reasons You Can’t Build Muscle

Top Three Reasons You Can’t Build Muscle

We all know that your nutritional program is most important when it comes to fat loss or getting your muscles to grow but here are three non-nutrition related reasons your muscles won’t grow.

You’re not using a full range of motion.

When you execute a full range of motion you recruit the muscle more effectively.

It’s also safer on the joints when you complete a full ROM.

You’re not warming up correctly.

A five minute jog on the t-mill isn’t going to cut it.

There are 4 components to an effective warm up:

  1. Increase core body temperature
  2. Decompression/traction of joints being used for training session
  3. Stimulation of the nervous system
  4. Improve mobility & flexibility

Do all those and you’ll perform your best lift ever.

Poor Training Economy

You’re doing exercises with a very low Bang for Your Buck.

When choosing the best exercises to build your training economy prioritize with these two qualities:

  1. Compound movements – multi-joint movements
  2. Free weights

Cable pull downs instead of chin ups or leg extension over squats are two good examples of a crummy training economy.

This bizarre exercise has a very low training economy & is also dangerous. Avoid this no matter what!

Instead choose exercises that provide a much bigger metabolic payload and recruit more muscle fibers.

A higher training economy will result in better results.

Wanna see what an exercise program looks like that has a super high training economy?

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It has a Super High Training Economy and will give you a huge bang for your buck in less time in the gym.

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