The Four Letter “F” word!
The one thing that perplexes me more than anything is how some people get whipped, thrashed and beaten to a pulp. Not by a mugger in a back alley, but by food; every single minute of every single day. I had a woman I trained several years ago. She earned her undergrad from Miami of › Read more
The Fat Loss Trick
We’ve all been at the magic show where the annoying little kid hollers out “I know how you did it!” every time the magician performs a trick.  Does it really matter that you know? The world is jam packed with of books and DVD’s on how to do the trick. If it’s so easy to › Read more
Love at First Bite!
The cliché answer from personal trainers and nutritionists on avoiding the pit falls of eating lousy foods is always the same. “You have to make better eating choices.” WHOA! Really? No shit! Here’s the thing. What if you believe that a lousy food is really ok to eat? Or what if you are just so › Read more
Kiss Bodybuilding Workouts Goodbye
I walked out of the locker room at the gym yesterday only to hear a gym regular telling one of her cronies that she was going to train biceps and triceps that day. I couldn’t help but to feel sorry for this wanna be. Every day she along with her parakeet legged hubby and his overflowing › Read more
Running Makes You Fat
We have all seem them before. The people who day after day, week after week , month after month and year after year , follow the same cardiovascular venture, the 30 or even 60 minute run on the treadmill, elliptical, stair master or pavement. The confusing thing is that many of these people both male › Read more
Death Of The Bulking Diet
I think the next time I hear an aspiring figure competitor tell me they are doing a bulking diet I an going to honor their commitment to lack of discipline by giving them a $50 gift certificate to Krispy Kream. I mean after all that is what they are giving themselves permission to do, right? › Read more
Twas The Night Before Christmas and YOUR Diet.
Twas the night before Christmas and no more food I would need, My belly was so full I could hardly breathe! From buttered baked goods to sugary sweets and salted nuts, My waist line had reached an enormous girth, What will I do? My middle is bigger than when I gave birth! To read more › Read more
Rebounding & Reverse Dieting Post Contest
After months of brutal prep, you kicked ass on stage. But what happens when the excitement clears? Do you get right back in the gym, or take time off? What about cardio and diet? Here’s your guide to dodging a viscous post show rebound while still building some precious  off-season muscle. Back in 2004, there › Read more
The Total Body Assault
Most Figure Athletes are forever in search of the same thing: The absolute best way to strip fat while sculpting the muscle underneath; all on a time-sensitive schedule. This program may just be the answer to our prayers. Click to read & discuss the complete article! Six years ago, I had a female sign up › Read more
Full-Body vs Splits & HIIT vs Steady State
Not sure whether full body workouts are appropriate for your physique and goals? Worried about HIIT burning all your muscle? Wondering why certain training plans and diets work for some and not others? Wet Wolf’s got your answers! Click to read & discuss the complete article! Last week, I bumped into a female who couldn’t › Read more

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