How To Count and Figure Out Your Macros
Back in 2004, I trained a young lady who just couldn’t seem to get the whole diet thing down. After two years of working with me, she vowed to finally buckle down and stick to her diet — for the fifteenth time. The next day, she waddles into the gym with five different sheets in › Read more
What I Saw at Starbucks Left Me Speechless
Sitting in Starbucks and a couple 40- something women out for their morning walk sauntered in and ordered a jumbo sized steaming hot coffee, mixed in 2 scoops of white sugar, 2 scoops of brown sugar, honey and enough cream to open a dairy. Both of these women were pushing 40% body fat. I knew › Read more
High Cravings, No Appetite with a Chance of Hunger
Many folks don’t know the difference between hunger, cravings and appetite even though they grapple with them every day. Understanding how they work is vital to implementing the right nutritional program to manage and control them.  Watch as I dissect all three and identify the likely culprits so you Handling Hunger Your hunger is regulated by your › Read more
The Flexible Dieting Disaster
I was on my way out of the gym this morning when I couldn’t help but to overhear a rambunctious woman holding court over by the treadmill. As I moseyed a little closer I was startled at the conversation. She was schooling up a group of skinny-fat women on how they could finally get rid › Read more
Bullied by The Scale
Every Publix supermarket in the area has a freight scale in the lobby. I’ve never seen a man get on it before but every visit I will witness some woman on her way out immediately abandon her cart of groceries right there in the door way and hop on the scale with alacrity and then › Read more
4 Sneaky Surprises You Can’t Burn Body Fat
Show me a devoted dieter or gym rat who can’t get their fat loss moving in the right direction and I’ll show you someone who is guilty of one these culprits.The obligatory comeback I get from a petulant macro counter who’s #1 agenda is fat loss is always the same. “Bu bu but I do › Read more
Running & Spinning Backwards
Every time I ask a newbie to write out her goals when she signs up with me I can almost always prognosticate what she’s going to say. Time and again I get the obligatory, “Get leaner, more toned, lose 15-20 lbs…..” But that’s not all. It’s quickly followed with “I also want to run a marathon in › Read more
How To Beat the Binge
  I was at Greenwise grocery store last night and in the checkout line ahead of me was a typical wanna be fitness girl. In her mid-20’s, clad in lululemon attire, trying her hardest to look the part despite her fluffy figure. Her cart was full of the usual “healthy” foods misguided newbies love to › Read more
Don’t Blame Your Diet on Mom
Yesterday at the gym I noticed something all too common. It was something I’d seen a million times before, only it hadn’t actually happened yet, I could see exactly what was about to unfold. A plump, 40- something woman was standing in front of the scale at the gym. It’s one of those digital scales › Read more
Chocolate Handcuffs
I am ashamed to admit it but I was watching MTV’s “I used to be fat” where cameras follow an obese adolescent around for 60 days and film their struggles eating almost healthy food, complaining during workout sessions and generally exemplifying a largely pessimistic attitude during the entire ordeal. From watching a complete hour of › Read more

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