Someone is Always Watching
Someone is always watching Anytime you start a new diet program or exercise routine or both, someone is always watching. It could be a family member, coworkers, cronies or strangers. YOU never know. Whether you tell them or not. They’re gonna notice you taking a new bag to work, they’re gonna notice you’re no longer › Read more
Carb Cycling for Fat Loss
Carb Cycling for Fat Loss There’s never been a more talked about and intriguing diet fresh on the minds of fat loss fanatics and fitness junkies than carb cycling. Unlike other diet trends that pop up out of no where then quietly fade into obscurity, the voodoo surrounding carb cycling has been running strong since › Read more
Food Addictions: Don’t Count Your Macros
Can’t seem to find a diet that works? All the macro talk leaving you confused? Your straight-shooting coach to the rescue once again, and he’s got your new diet in hand. Those seeking sugar-coated advice, look elsewhere! In my previous installment I talked about how many aspiring figure & bikini chicks struggled with sticking to › Read more
My Secret to Looking 10 Years Younger
Okay, so maybe not 10 years younger but this combination of products has given me the clearest skin, outside of prescription medication, I’ve ever had in my life. I use this solution 2-3 times per week and apply it all over my face like a mask 30 minutes before I shower. It takes about 20-30 minutes for › Read more
Fasting Makes You Fat
Believe it or not but the best way to speed up your metabolism is to eat. When you put the right food into your body you ignite the thermogenic process of digestion. The more times you eat during the day the more opportunities you have to be successful. This is why fasting or just eating › Read more
My Minimalist Supplement List
Anyone who’s followed me for the last 5 years knows good and well that I’ve never suggested or recommended a single supplement for a non-clients before. The reason for that is because I want you to focus on food. Look, everywhere you turn on Instagram, or facebook you are being bombarded with fitness babes and › Read more
Do You Love Your Body?
I read this on a fitness fan page…. “Ladies listen up. It’s time to start loving your body. Not when you lose 100lbs, 25lbs, or the last 5lbs. Not when you reach a certain pant size or when you can see your abs.” So if you’re obese & love your body, why change? People who › Read more
The Cinderella Affect of Food
Anyone’s who’s heard the fable of Cinderella knows that at the stroke of midnight her stage coach turned into a pumpkin. The exact same thing holds true for women all over the world, only it’s not a stage coach that will turn into a pumpkin, it’s them. They believe that at the stroke of 8pm, › Read more
Never Take Advice From a Bikini Competitor
When ever an impressionable youngling or soccer mom boasts about wanting to do a bikini competition, to their shock and awe I advise them to do the opposite of what bikini competitors do. “Huh, why?” All it takes is one glance at their Instagram pages to see their blue-print. Bikini girls slurp up coffee all › Read more
Somatotype & Body Types: Find Out Yours
I was passing through Chattanooga, TN last week and as a preamble to my journey to Atlanta I stopped at Large Marge’s Buffet to eat. Let me tell you right now, I don’t care who the survey of the fattest city in the USA crowned as number one. The patrons of Large Marge’s Buffett could › Read more

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