Why “Appetite Suppressants” Lead to Binge Eating
Why an Appetite Suppressant Causes Binge Eating Whenever you consume a pill, potion or powder that touts it’s self as an appetite suppressant be ready to encounter furious compulsions to binge on anything that isn’t nailed down by the time evening rolls around. Here’s why. Your metabolism refers the rate your body burns kcals. Your › Read more
Do You Eat When Bored?
It happened again yesterday. I had a woman tell me something that would have left me confused if I hadn’t heard it many times before. I’m an emotional eater, I eat whenever I’m board. That’s not the unusual part part though. What really made it so bizarre was what came next. I don’t have time › Read more
Cheat Meals Make You Fat
There’s been some myth floating around for a while that if you gobble up a heaping helping of junk food after a week of eating “clean” it will somehow rev up your metabolism to hyper-warp speed turning your sluggish body into a fat incinerating furnace, squash your cravings and leave you mentally and emotionally fulfilled. › Read more
Cardio Before or After Weights?
Should you do your cardio before or after lifting weights? That’s a question that’s plagued the masses of gym junkies for years. And I don’t think a single sweaty soul has gotten it right yet. “So which is it, before or after?” Neither. The best time to do cardio is on days you don’t lift › Read more
Simple Trick to Stop Binge Eating
If there’s one common denominator among all binge eaters it’s this. No one binges in the morning. They always binge at night. I’ll tell you why. Because they don’t eat enough over the course of the day. Plus most people who struggle with binge eating are also into fitness. So when you under eat and › Read more
3 Reasons You’re Eating Too Much Protein
If there’s one thing fitness fanatics and chronic dieters are overzealous about it’s protein. Protein’s popularity is at an all time high. Heck, you’d think protein could cure cancer, melt belly fat off before your eyes and even get the IRS off your back. You have a world wide for fervor for protein. I’ll give › Read more
3 Diets that Shouldn’t Exist!
Counting macros or kcals Anytime you count our macro-nutrients or kilo calories you remove the type of food from the equation and focus only on the unit of energy (kcal or macro). In the eyes of a macro counter 50 grams of carbs from cotton candy is exactly the same as 50 grams of carbs › Read more
Just Because You’re Fat Doesn’t Mean You’re Lazy!
Obese women are not lazy. Now before I go any further let me be perfectly clear. I’m not talking about a couch potato who eats garbage. I’m talking about those big bodied women who have the heart of a champion and bust their butts in the gym on a daily basis. We’ve all seen them › Read more
Should You Eat Healthy Even if You Can’t Workout?
One of my all time favorite excuses for not eating healthy is the tired old rebuttal that just because you’re injured and can’t exercise that you shouldn’t follow smart nutrition too. Actually, the opposite of this is true. When you can’t exercise whether it be from a surgery or accidental injury that’s the best time › Read more
3 Reasons You Have a Slow Metabolism!
3 Reasons You Might Have a Slow Metabolism!   1) You Can’t avoid a siesta without your coffee. Look, if you can’t make it through the day without your coffee or energy drink fix then that’s a red-flag that you have a sluggish metabolism. Two ways to fix this: Go to bed earlier and eat › Read more

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