I Don’t Feel Like I Deserve to Eat
Do You Deserve To Eat All Your Meals? Several years ago I had a woman who signed up for her online eating program tell me that she didn’t eat her special once a week high carb meal. My immediate response was… “why not?” What she said next resounded true for every single persnickety dieter in › Read more
I Can’t Eat When I Wake Up!
“I’m not hungry when I wake up in the morning!” And that’s exactly why you should never wait until you’re hungry to eat. Heck, most folks aren’t even hungry when they wake up in the morning even though it’s been 8, 10 or 12 hours since they ate dinner the night before. They slug down › Read more
How Often Should You Weigh Yourself?
How often Should You Weigh Yourself? Every Publix supermarket in the area has a freight scale in the lobby. I’ve never seen a man get on it before but every visit I will witness some woman on her way out immediately abandon her cart of groceries right there in the door way and hop on › Read more
How I Mix My Protein Shake
Protein Shake Mix to Crush Cravings The biggest mistake people make when slurping down a protein shake is thinking that the protein powder is the most important ingredient. . I’ve never had a protein only shake and anyone who does is setting themselves up for failure. Try to guzzle down a silly whey shake at › Read more
3 Fat Loss Mistakes that Will Halt Your Progress
Common Fat Loss Mistakes that will Halt Your Progress When someone wants to lose weight & burn body fat you can take it to the bank they will attempt one if not all three of the following as a quick pitch to get the ball rolling and the inches off. Excessive Cardio & Gym time › Read more
Injuries Improve Your Diet
You Can’t Out Run a Bad Diet One of the biggest pit falls that throws people off track in the diet game are hunger and cravings. Because when you’re hungry or have cravings you’re more likely to binge eat. Wanna know a big reason why you have such insatiable hunger by the time the end › Read more
Obesity is No Laughing Matter!
Obesity is no laughing matter. You won’t believe two things I heard last week. The first was from a woman who admitted she was 5’4″ 275 🙂 Now the really unusual part was what she included right after her weight. She inserted a little smiley face. The next situation was on Periscope and a woman › Read more
Why You Should Never Eat Small Meals
Never eat 5 or 6 small meals per day. Have you ever heard some fitness fanatics boast about eating 5 or 6 small meals a day? If so then you’re not alone. Many fitness minded folks make the mistake of eating a handful of teeny tiny meals a day. Instead, you should be eating 5 › Read more
Top 3 Reasons You Can’t Build Muscle
Top Three Reasons You Can’t Build Muscle We all know that your nutritional program is most important when it comes to fat loss or getting your muscles to grow but here are three non-nutrition related reasons your muscles won’t grow. You’re not using a full range of motion. When you execute a full range of › Read more
What I Take Before Bed
When my bed time rolls around I want to maximize my sleep as much as possible. When you sleep your body’s recovery process kicks into full gear. You also burn body fat and build muscle while you sleep; not when you exercise. Now let me say this, not all sleep is created equal. I want › Read more

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