Why “Appetite Suppressants” Lead to Binge Eating

Why an Appetite Suppressant Causes Binge Eating

Whenever you consume a pill, potion or powder that touts it’s self as an appetite suppressant be ready to encounter furious compulsions to binge on anything that isn’t nailed down by the time evening rolls around.

Here’s why.

Your metabolism refers the rate your body burns kcals.

Your appetite is regulated by your metabolism.

So if you have a strong appetite that means you have a fast metabolism.

And if you have a low appetite then that indicates that you have a slow metabolism.

So by default if you suppress your appetite you’re going to dwindle down your metabolism.

So if you take an appetite suppressant and only nibble on twigs & berries all day, by the time evening rolls around you’re going to be ready to rip & snort through the nearest bakery.

You see, your body demands to get it’s baseline energy levels met.

And when you’ve created a significant energy deficit at the end of the day your body’s going to do what ever it takes to re-gain energy homeostasis.

Understand this, no matter how strong the appetite suppressant you took was, when your caloric deficit drives down your blood sugar to rock bottom levels you’re brain is going to send signals to your belly to scream for food.

And the funny thing about hunger is that it usually hits you out of nowhere.

So in this scenario when the accumulated hunger response has been blunted by a suppressant you took, it will only increase the profound rush of hunger sensation you'll feel when your brain finally over-rides everything.

And this leads you into a jail break binge.

So in addition to eating more empty kcals in under an hour than you ate in the previous week; you've also successfully slowed your metabolism down to a turtles pace.

This means that your body will be more likely to shovel that cornucopia of garbage you just gobbled up into fat cells than it will be to burn it off as fuel.

So focus on increasing your appetite and your metabolism will follow.



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