3 Fat Loss Mistakes that Will Halt Your Progress

Common Fat Loss Mistakes that will Halt Your Progress

When someone wants to lose weight & burn body fat you can take it to the bank they will attempt one if not all three of the following as a quick pitch to get the ball rolling and the inches off.

  1. Excessive Cardio & Gym time
  2. Eating twigs & berries
  3. Diet/Fat loss pills

You may drop some pounds but using these tactics isn’t sustainable.


As soon as you stop any one of these all fat you lost will bounce right back..

…and you’ll gain even more back on the rebound affect from the damage you inflicted to your metabolism in the process.


You can drop pounds and inches by:

  1. Eating more healthy food frequently
  2. Performing 3, 45 minute high exercise economy sessions per week

Which do you think more people will choose?

Every single weight loss junkie & fitness fanatic in the universe will choose the first scenario.

And I’ll tell you exactly why.

Because when it comes to food, people think less is better.

Most people view food as an obstacle preventing them from reaching their goals.

However when it comes to fat loss, food isn't the problem, food is the only solution.

This is how you should view food, as a tool to help you achieve your goals.


When it comes to exercise people think more is better.

Exercise in general is a good thing.

But too much of a good thing, isn't always a good thing.

Here's how it usually unfolds.

The mindless gym junkie will set out with one goal in mind when it comes to their workout.

Burn as many calories as possible.

All the while they believe the more calories they burn the better their results will be.

The goal of a workout isn't to burn calories.

The goal of a training session is to build muscle and stimulate your metabolism.

Heather dropped 7" off her waist when she cut her gym time in half and almost doubled her food intake when she followed her customized nutritional program.

Remember this next time you want to torch off that stubborn belly fat and your results will be far more productive.

In half the time.



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