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3 Diets that Shouldn't Exist! - Wet Wolf Training

3 Diets that Shouldn’t Exist!

Counting macros or kcals

Anytime you count our macro-nutrients or kilo calories you remove the type of food from the equation and focus only on the unit of energy (kcal or macro).

In the eyes of a macro counter 50 grams of carbs from cotton candy is exactly the same as 50 grams of carbs from a sweet potato.

Calorie counters base their entire premise of weight loss on reducing….



You see, in the eyes of a calorie counter, eating 300 kcals from cookies & ice cream is a better choice for weight loss than 350 kcals of grass-fed beef, avocado & brown rice.

Because after all, eating less kcals is all that matters in the weight loss game.



Way wrong.

You’re credited to eat more calories, when they come from the right food sources.

In fact you can actually increase your food intake while burning body fat, so long as you eat the right foods, in the right amounts through a process called nutrient partitioning.

This basically means that your body will better allocate the use of the energy from the food you eat into building blocks in your body.

Choosing what foods to eat for each meal

If there’s one thing that a persnickety dieter or someone with a fear of food needs to avoid at all costs, it’s thinking.

But I thought I should eat more protein…

I assumed I should eat all my carbs before 3pm…

I wondered why I didn’t see any dairy on my diet…

Never think, wonder or assume, always follow your program.

Chardonnay lost 13 lbs and dropped 5
Chardonnay lost 13 lbs and dropped 5" from her waist and she never had to think, wonder or assume what to eat. She just followed her customized eating pattern every meal of the day.

I want you to remove all thought process from the equation.

When people start to think, wonder or assume, they lose confidence.

And when they lose confidence, they quit.

Too many diets out there like to give total leeway by allowing the participants to chose any foods they want so long as they fit the arbitrary macro numbers at the end of the day.

This can be disastrous.

That's why I gather up all my clients food preferences (both likes & dislikes) on their evaluation they fill out.

This way I'm able to design their meals in advance for the entire week and month. Once the program is completed & delivered I have the client let me know immediately if there is anything they would like changed.

That way they have a pre-planned meal plan already laid out in advance before the month starts.

A plan that contains all the foods they prefer all in the right amounts, in the right combinations and avoids all the foods they dislike.

Now that's a strategy for victory.

Allowing junk food on a regular basis

Any diet that allows you to eat sweets on the dailee will crumble faster than a Keebler cookie.

The obligatory battle cry from sugar eaters goes something like this...

You're wrong! Anytime you restrict a certain food from your diet, you'll want it more!

Oh contrary!

What you call restrictions, I call boundaries.

Those dietary boundaries are there to protect you from things that can harm you.

Make no mistake about it, every woman needs boundaries on what she puts into her mouth!

Besides, why can't you just eat more more calories from healthy food instead of reaching for a cookie?

Sub 1/2 cup of black beans or 1 organic brown egg for that fun-size snickers bar.

The fiber, fats and protein combined with the slow digesting carbs will fulfill your hunger & cravings and sustain your blood sugar a lot longer than that brownie every will.




Before & After


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