Never Reduce Calories For Weight Loss
If You Want To Lose Weight, Never Drop Calories. Never reduce calories if you want to lose weight. When you lower your calories your metabolism slows down. If you’re over weight or obese you already have a slow metabolism. So cutting your calories will dwindle your already feeble metabolism down to a snails pace. The › Read more
How to Stop Yo Yo Dieting Forever!
Does Your Diet Yo Yo? I had a facebook Live stream last Sunday, December the 4th. I asked a dangerous question and the viewers answers did not disappoint. What are your weight loss & leanness goals you hope to achieve by January 1, 2017? Then I received a brutally shocking response. What’s so shocking about › Read more
3 Reasons Weight Loss Is More Difficult Each Day You Get Older
Every Day You Get Older Weight Loss Becomes More Difficult This is the biggest reason why the same diet program that worked so well for you in the past won’t work at all now. So what gives?? Did you know that every day that you get older your metabolism slows down? Especially after age thirty. › Read more
5 Weird Reasons Your Weight Loss Has Stalled
Your Weight Loss Has Stalled For 5 Reasons Almost every day on my Face Book Live Stream someone will use the excuse that just because they dropped 30, 50 or 100 pounds they must be on the road to weight loss glory despite the fact that the scale hasn’t budged in months even though they’re › Read more
Should You Eat Healthy if You’re Pregnant or Nursing?
If You Are Nursing or Pregnant Should You Eat Healthy? It’s surprising how often I’ll get a pensive women ask if she should eat healthy while she is pregnant or nursing. This is such a bizarre question for me because the most important time you need smart nutrition is when you’re pregnant. The next most › Read more
Your Diet is a Quick Fix Not a Lifestyle Change
Lifestyle change isn’t necessary for your diet. The battle cry from fitness fanatics and yo-yo dieters all across the globe has got to be the obligatory.. There is no quick fix to your diet, it’s a lifestyle change! Oh contrary! Do you really need a lifestyle change to eat healthy food consistently? Absolutely not. You › Read more
All Or Nothing People Never Last in The Diet Game
The Diet Game Never Lasts for All or Nothing People All – or – nothing people never make it in the diet or fitness game. I’ll get to the reason why in a bit but first I’m going to tell you and show you how to spot someone like this. I was doing a FaceBook › Read more
Are You In Denial About Your Diet
Is Your Diet in Denial? I had a women ask me a question about her hard hitting hunger she experienced almost every night. It went something like this: I eat lean protein, complex carbs and veggies and I’m always starving in the evening on days I do cardio. Why is this? I could easily see › Read more
I Eat Healthy But Can’t Burn Body Fat
Can’t burn body fat but I eat healthy! When ever I’ll do a Periscope or FaceBook Live Stream and give viewers full access from the front line trenches of my meal prep it’s only a matter of time until I get the obligatory response. But I eat all those foods too! I eat all the › Read more
3 Reasons Snacks Prevent Fat Loss
Fat Loss is Prevented with Snacks I’m going to give you 3 reasons your favorite snacks you love to munch on between meals are actually preventing you from burning your stubborn body fat. Snacking on the wrong foods Show me someone who counts down the minutes until their next snack and chances are it’s a › Read more

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